I’m not sure if being fastidious is actually good or not. In fact I’m not even quite certain what it means. This in it’s self probably means I’m not very, or else I would have gone to the trouble of looking the meaning up. I suspect I’m just fairly fastidious. I live on my own and I’m very tidy. I like everything to be in it’s place. All my papers are filed and I know exactly where. I make lists of things I have to do and update it every morning. I do like order and tend to have a daily routine doing the same things at the same time each day. Part of that is because my dog likes routine and fit in with him. Sad really! I have now looked up the meaning in the dictionary and it means—not easy to please, very critical or another meaning is daintly refined, easily disgusted. I’m not the latter but quite a bit of the former. But the strange thing is the meaning applies to me much more than other people. I feel I never get anything completely right.

Enough of that lets talk about Donald Trump. He found it very difficult to criticise the neo Nazis, old KKK and anti blacks. Is that because they all vote for him I wonder. I can’t believe there is still as much hatred in the South. You would think the President would at least be even handed but of course it’s Donald Trump we are talking about. If anyone doesn’t agrree with him they are liars. enemies of the state or perpetrators of fake news. The man just continues to be bad news.

If anyone has been to the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland they will know it is stunningly beautiful. But it has now become overrun with tourists and just hasn’t the facilities or accommadation to cope. They are a victim of their own success!

Good News.  Its official coffee is good for you! And it helps people with Type 2 diabetes like me. So following on from red wine now being good for your health this is great news for somebody who likes both a lot.

HUMOUR-Ancient Greeks declared their love for a woman by throwing an apple at her.

The Boy Scouts motto “be prepared” was originally followed by “to die for your country”

An Egyptian cure for insanity was to eat snake meatballs under a full moon. It isn’t reported how successful it was!

A “lully- prigger” was an 18th century thief who caught children and stole their clothing. we now call them perverts.

What a sensible idea. Learner drivers can now drive on motorways , under supervision of course. Before you passed your test , then, you could drive on them without the experience.

We keep talking about banning gambling machines that can lose as much as £100 per 20 secs. £1.7 billion was lost on them last year. But it has just been knocked back by chancellor Phillip hammond as it would cost the country £400 million in taxes. Never mind that people get addicted to them.

Poem attached         REGRETS





It was stated about a week ago by the self confessed cleverist man in British politics, Michael Gove that when we are actually free from European regulations we will have our own territorial waters back. The Scottish midget has said we will still allow European countries to fish in our waters as our own fishing fleet is now too small to fish it all ourselves. Considering we decimated our own fishing industry to accommodate European rules would it not make more sense to build our own fleet up again to cope with the extra opportunity. The said Michael Gove claims he is the son of a Aberdeen fisherman so he knows these things. He claims this  because he wants to be seen as working class. His father was actually a wholesale fishing merchants!!!!!

Is everyone so surprised that living in the North raises your chance of dying by 20%? You shouldn’t be. As the South is much wealthier than the North of course they live longer. Oh, and the gap is growing all the time. Incidentally the North includes the Midlands which has never been considered the North before, purely to make the populations relatively equal. I figure if they had taken the proper north the figuers would have been worse still!

I’m sorry in a gripe mode today. 6 out of 10 major road upgrade pledges in 2014 have not yet begun. Yet another Government pledge that is not happening. Probably becuse most of the Transport money is being spent on Crossrail (London) and HS2 , London to Birmingham, then Manchester eventually.

Top Universities in England are increasing the number of foreign students because they pay up to four times as much as British students. The number of British students is falling even though applications were 17% up.

The number of students taking French and German ‘A’ level dropped by a quarter beteen 2011 and 2016. We should be encouraging the teaching of all foreign languages. I have just come back from a visit to Norway, Denmark and Sweden and they virtually all speak English. When i went to school 50 years ago we started languages at 11. It is still the same. We should start much earlier than this, at 7 or even less. Surely it is more important than ever to know the  languages of the most important emerging  nations such as Chinese, Japanese, India Brazil( Portugese) and Spanish.

HUMOUR The Romans used powdered mouse brains as toothpaste. UGH!

Men with smaller testicles tend to make better fathers. But how small IS small?

Nike’s “Just do it” slogan was inspired by the last words of a murderer.

I’m afraid it really has been gripe week. So finally 400 police stations have closed in England and Wales in the last 10 years. That in a way is not totally bad . Technology and hugely improved communications have police forces much more mobile. But there are a lot less police on the beat and in the community. Crime figures are rising all the time because police have not got the early intelligence from the public as to what is happening. This in the past prevented crime.

Gripes week over. Much more pleasant poem attached          .GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN






A caravan salesman from Bridlington Yorksire , who is an amateur poker player entered a tournament in Las Vegas and finished fourth winning $2million dollars. He normally just played for fun but beat experienced professionals. He was either very lucky or the top players arent as good as they think they!

There has been huge queues at European airports this week as security has been tightened. Passports are being checked much more thoroughly. I know iot is just into the school holidays here but some people have even missed connections checks have taken so long. My worry is that this will become the norm when we finally leave the EU!

British Gas is increasing electricity bills by 12.5% next month as wholesale prices are actually falling. Concidering wages are only increasing by 2% this is going to cause hardship next winter. Before the general election Theresa May promised to cap energy bills. So that was another false promise!

The North east of England has always been a forgotten region in England until we joined the EU. European businesses contribute £9 billion to the regions economy  every year. So when we leave we will hugely lose out. As Labour governments in the past have taken the regions political support for granted and the Tories have ignored us as we have never given them any support we will be left in limbo yet again.. Oh and by the way a lot of the region voted to come out of Europe. When the largest employer is Nissan it didnt make sense! I feel the future is bleak for this region.

Humour. Fighter pilots in stressful conditions release such large amounts of hormones that they may ejaculate.

When Danes pose for photographs they say”orange”, the Chiese say “aubergine2 and the Germans say “ant shit”

Bananas are considered unlucky on fishing boats.

in 2009 a search of Loch Ness for the Loch Ness monster located 100,000 golf balls. I didnt know the monster played golf!

I dnt think i have mentioned in the past Im a member of an organization called U3A, or the University of the third age. It is not related to to a specific but to a period in one’s life, after the second age of full time employment and financial responsibilities. It is a registered charity but it is set up for educational purposes rather social activities. I the uk it is growing rapidly and now has over a thousand branches with more than 390,000 members. I am vice chairman of the Whitley Bay branch. We have over 300 members and have various groups such as:- Archaeology, Art Appreciation, Walking, local History, Play reading, Natural World, Psychology, Creative Writing, a Theatre Group and Jazz Appreciation and others. We normally meet once a month in the groups. Whilst most people are retired we are all still keen to learn and what we lack in skills we tend to make up for in enthusiasm. So no matter how old you are there are still opportunities to learn new things.

Poem attached       NEVER SAY NEVER