It was stated about a week ago by the self confessed cleverist man in British politics, Michael Gove that when we are actually free from European regulations we will have our own territorial waters back. The Scottish midget has said we will still allow European countries to fish in our waters as our own fishing fleet is now too small to fish it all ourselves. Considering we decimated our own fishing industry to accommodate European rules would it not make more sense to build our own fleet up again to cope with the extra opportunity. The said Michael Gove claims he is the son of a Aberdeen fisherman so he knows these things. He claims this  because he wants to be seen as working class. His father was actually a wholesale fishing merchants!!!!!

Is everyone so surprised that living in the North raises your chance of dying by 20%? You shouldn’t be. As the South is much wealthier than the North of course they live longer. Oh, and the gap is growing all the time. Incidentally the North includes the Midlands which has never been considered the North before, purely to make the populations relatively equal. I figure if they had taken the proper north the figuers would have been worse still!

I’m sorry in a gripe mode today. 6 out of 10 major road upgrade pledges in 2014 have not yet begun. Yet another Government pledge that is not happening. Probably becuse most of the Transport money is being spent on Crossrail (London) and HS2 , London to Birmingham, then Manchester eventually.

Top Universities in England are increasing the number of foreign students because they pay up to four times as much as British students. The number of British students is falling even though applications were 17% up.

The number of students taking French and German ‘A’ level dropped by a quarter beteen 2011 and 2016. We should be encouraging the teaching of all foreign languages. I have just come back from a visit to Norway, Denmark and Sweden and they virtually all speak English. When i went to school 50 years ago we started languages at 11. It is still the same. We should start much earlier than this, at 7 or even less. Surely it is more important than ever to know the  languages of the most important emerging  nations such as Chinese, Japanese, India Brazil( Portugese) and Spanish.

HUMOUR The Romans used powdered mouse brains as toothpaste. UGH!

Men with smaller testicles tend to make better fathers. But how small IS small?

Nike’s “Just do it” slogan was inspired by the last words of a murderer.

I’m afraid it really has been gripe week. So finally 400 police stations have closed in England and Wales in the last 10 years. That in a way is not totally bad . Technology and hugely improved communications have police forces much more mobile. But there are a lot less police on the beat and in the community. Crime figures are rising all the time because police have not got the early intelligence from the public as to what is happening. This in the past prevented crime.

Gripes week over. Much more pleasant poem attached          .GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN






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