Have you ever been unhappy with your first name? Ive never actually been unhappy with my name Derek but have noticed when it it is used in books or Tv (dont think it  has ever made films) the person is a nerd or pathetic or just inadequate. I have certainly never heard of Derek in super hero terms. Now Im not complaining too much as the abbreviations for the name are relatively harmless, Del or Dekka. My surname is Wake. Quite an unusual name,  apparently originally from a man who woke people up to go to woke, a wakeman. Checking the  electorate register I found there were ony 11 Derek Wake’s in the UK. However I have a middle name, Livingstone. It is a Scottish name on my mothers side. I was alsoborn in Scotland. So my name Derek Livingstone Wake is unique in the UK.

The most common names last year were:- BOYS Oliver, Harry and George. GIRLS:-Olivia, Amelia and Emily. All pretty old fashioned names. In fact most of the top 10 of both boys and girls are old fashioned except the most common boys name if you included the various spelling would have been Muhammad, a sign of the times.

The destruction by storms Irma and Maria is just mind boggling. Some of the smaller islands have been devastated and will take years to rebuild. And the earthquake in Mexico. Tragic natural disasters. We are so lucky in the UK the only thing we get occasionally is flooding and few people will lose their lives.

HUMOUR-When the infant Mozart first rose to prominence some members of the Royal Society thought he was a dwarf. As a child he was terrified of trumpets!

The “izikhothane” are a South African gang who meet in carparks, cover themselves in custard and burn wads of cash. Sounds like fun!!!!!

Bananas have more trade regulatios than AK-47 rifles but they tend to kill less people!

How can Google, Facebook, Twitter, U-tube and Microsoft justify showing items like How to make car bombs, explosives and detonators, hate videos of all kinds and executions. In the Uk they make huge profits but virtually pay no taxes. If they cant react and delete this material why dont they just charge or even imprison board directors for incitement of violence. They have so much money fining them is useless.

It really must be stopped.


EAR-RENT– Figurative cost of listening to trivial talk. Of course it was!

TREMBABLE– Causing dread or horror.

HUGGER-MUGGER– Concealment, secrecy, clandestinely. I thought it might have been somebody who gave you a hug then mugged you.

SNOUT-FAIR–Fair faced, handsome. I thought somebody with a big nose!

PEACOCKIZE– To pose or strut. Naturally!

Travel by RYANAIR, the biggest airline in Europe. We’ll get you there but can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fly you home. This is the airline that cancelled 2000 flights but not taking any responsibility to get customers home. Huge fine required please.

Humorous poem(I hope)                                      YOU CANT WIN ‘EM ALL






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