Sorry its not Friday, Im late again but have had a lot of things going on. i know Ive said before, I am old but just because you are doesnt just mean you sit and watch day time TV and generally vegetate. I honestly dont know how I fitted work before. I certainly couldnt now. I’m fitter bcause I got a dog, walk 6 or 7 miles a day on beach or in fields I  am learning about subjects I was always interested in but didnt have time to look into before but I now have the freedom to do what I like when I like. It gives one a sense of freedom. There are obviosly physical limitations but , and I know im lucky, they are small so far. My mind seems to be ok as I go to a quiz every week and my team generally win with me contributing reasonably substantially. So dont fear old age , you just have to work at it.

I read an article in a newspaper this week about a little girl of 6 who wanted to be a boy so her mother has encouraged this. Now I have no problem about transgender adults what so ever but is it not too young to decide a child should change sex at that age. Also it was the mother who publicised this child with photographs in a 2 page article. Is that mother not putting her own feelings above the childs?


NICKUM- A cheat or dishonest person. Could have guessed that one.

MAN-MILLINERY- Suggestive of male vanity or pomposity.

WASTEHEART-Used to express grief, pity,regret.

SWERK- To become dark or gloomy. Just like the sound of that one.

WLONK- Proud, haughty, splendid. Again love the sound.

Back to Hurricane Maria, The British Virgin Isles are obviously British, Dominica isnt. So we give £5 million in relief aid to Dominica but because of European rules we cant give anything to the Virgin Isles. What absolut rubbish. We just give them both £5 million. What is Europe going to do ? Kick us out? Half the time I think they are just Government excuses.

Apparently some sea birds are feeding their chicks with scraps of plastic. The plastic is mixed up with proper food. There is so much plastic in the seas now it is everywhere even on ice floes in the Arctic. Can governments not get together to do something, surely it is for the common good?

So the far Right is now a major force in German politics. its a sign of the times.

A woman in England this week has been caught going to funerals , then attending the wake to eat and drink and taking away a bag of food. Apparently she has been doing it for 14 years. Oh by the way she didnt know any of the people who died!

HUMOUR–In 1924 half the worlds cars were Fords.

In Washington DC the Slovakian and Slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail.

Most Britons say “sorry” almost 2 million times. Sorry!

The first rulebook in Argentina stated that a player who had been fouled could accept an apology rather than involve the ref. Could you imagine trying to do that now.

Poem attached (with apologies to some readers)               ENIGMA





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