Stephen Paddock , madman of Nevada, USA, decided to have some target practice with 23 of the 42 legally owned guns he had. His target was 22,000 spectators at a country and western concert in las Vegas. He managed to kill 58 and wound 515. Of a population of 350 million people there are 300 million guns in public ownership. not enough a spokesman of the NRA (National Rifle Assoc)  thought as only 33,000 people die every year due to use of guns. Nothing is likely to change as the NRA have sufficient senators on the payroll to vote against any changes in laws. Why dont they charge these senators and NRA officials with manslaughter. It is the constitutional right for every American to own a gun to protect himself and his family. Well good luck with that. Ultimately the problem is the spineless President who was voted for and was partially financed by the gun toting public. Good Luck America, you might just need it!

You have to feel sorry for Theresa May. Given a joke P45, (where were the security people) had a bad cough (where were the doctors to give her a spray or something to get thro. an hours speech. Then the letters on the slogan behind her fell off.

Yes, I did feel soorry for her as a human being but you really shouldn’t have to feel sorry for the leader of your country.

Why doesnt somebody just put her out of her misery, please.

Memo to Michael O’ Leary of Ryanair. Do you know how to run an airline?

Come to think of the same applies to the bosses of Monarch, which has gone bust this week.

HUMOUR- The King of Rwanda lives in a terraced house in Manchester. Has he fallen that far from grace?

Artist Salvador Dali set his moustache was set at ten to ten , like the hands on a clock.

007 actor Sean Connery was once caught speeding by a policeman called James Bond.

The Chief economist to the Bank of England has never had a credit card. Why would he need one when he has access to all that money!!!!!!!

Outof 14,417 houses worth over £1 million in the UK 45 are in the North East. Point made!

Wonder if Catalonia will split from Spain. Will it then lead to other breakaways through out Europe.

Bank robbers in Brazil took 4 months to dig a tunnel 550 yards to break into a bank to steal £240 million. Unfottunately for them they were caught feet from their objective. OOPS.

So much for the cashless society. Bank notes in the UK jumped by 10% fastest growth in ten years. But on a recent visit to Denmark and Sweden I didnt need cash at all. It was all credit cards mostly contactless.

The bill for repairs to Big Ben is now £61 million. For a clock and a bell. Horrendous!


SILLYTONIAN- A silly or gullible person. How could it be anything else

AWHAPE- To amaze, stupefy with fear. Amazed me!

MERRY-GO-SORRY A mixture of joy and sorrow. Guessed that one.

ROUKER-A person who whispers or spreads rumours.

POEM attached             THE RITE OF RIGHT WRITING



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