Well we have had a budget in the UK this week . It was like most budgets a non-event. The word budget actually means a  balancing of the books. So if anything is given away money must be taken from somewhere else. In no budget i ever remember is any particular sector given a great deal so neither is a significant amount accumulated elsewhere. But the only way a lot of tax can be raised is to tax the majority of people in the country. Taxing the ultra or even the reasonably rich does not raise enough as there are not sufficient of them. So when money needs to be raised the ordinary man pays. They can juggle the various taxes around but at the end of the day nobody gains a great deal or loses a great deal. It is all smoke and mirrors. This particular Chancellor is especially useless. He has done away with the stamp duty for houses up to £300,000 for first time buyers. This means in the North of England the saving will be the princely sum of £24.  Also to help secure Brexit goes through he has promised £3billion. I thought Theresa May had already promised £38 billion to ensure Trade talks commenced! And the NHS will be given an extra £2.8 billion for the next two years. If i remember correctly Boris Johnson and his cronies promised the NHS will benefit by £350 million a week if we come out of Europe.. Whatever happened to that promise.

And finally on the budget the previous Chancellor, George Osborne told us the  trade deficit would be paid off in full by 2015. We now hear from Phillip Hammond It will still be £25 billion in 6 years time and wont be fully paid off until 2031. George got out of politics and is now a newspaper editor. He was certainly no good at maths. And finally, finally our growth forecast has been reduced which will mean another 6 years of austerity. Wonderful

OH, sorry the nurses Will get a pay rise but we dont know how much yet!

Humour –  It is illegal to sell Stilton cheese made in the village of Stilton. Because this cheese has a protected Designation of Origin status which states cheese has to be manufactured in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire but Stilton is in Cambridgeshire. Brilliant.

Before turkey was adopted as an Xmas dinner in England people used to eat a pigs head with mustard.

The MacDonalds Filet o Fish was invented for Roman Cathlics who couldnt eat meat on Fridays!

Just come up with a good old word. Wlonk. It means proud, haughty or rich. I cant see it coming back somehow.

Poem attached     WAR


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