Yes today is not Friday but Im going away for the weekend and thought Id do my blog early! Im going to a cottage in the Scottish borders with my partner and dogs. Today is the first day of snow this winter so it could be quite exciting. Lots of warm clothes and roaring fires. And maybe lots of red wine.

So Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has gone after ruling for 37 years. In that time his country has gone from being one of the richest in Africa to being  reduced to bankruptcy. However in that time he has become one of the richest people in Africa, worth billions of pounds while his people starved. What a co-incidence. Good riddance.

Coffee. I drinks lots of coffee never tea. I love it and like it really strong. Now scientists are saying it is really good for health purposes. Cuts down the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Considering ive had al three to one degree or another it hasnt worked that well for me!

The UK government has criticised the BBC for giving out misleading information to the public re the latest offer of £50 billion being paid by us for a settlement  to leave Europe (Brexit) Apparently it was more like £40 billion.

Well the three leading Brexiteers in the Government stated we would actually be £350 million a week better off , to use on the NHS if we came out. So that wasn’t misleading , was it. Hypocrites!!!!!

The above mentioned eading Brexiteers are, Boris Johnson, foreign minister, Liam Fox, A trade minister and David Davies, chief negotiator are three shits together.If they’d been female they could have passed as a coven of witches.I’m ashamed these men are representing us abroad. In fact they are nearly as bad as Donald Trumps’s standing abroad. God help us.

HUMOUR-In China the film Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts movie was called ” I will marry a prostitute to save money” Catchy title isnt it.

During World War 2 British pilots carried chocolate infused with garlic in case they were shot down and needed their breath to smell French.

British children can be held responsible for crimes from the age of 10 but cant own a goldfish until they are 16.

It has been suggested that primary schools in England shound be banned from reading Sleeping Beauty as the Prince didnt have permission to kiss the sleeping Princess. What a load of nonsense.

Slobodan Proljak killed himself in court this week after losing his appeal against being given 20 years for crimes against humanity, relating to the massacre of Muslims in Croatia. Pretty good conclusion if you ask me.

Finally its official. British men and women are the most obese in Europe.

And finally , finally What does Mike in “Suits” now think about his girl friend being engaged to a Prince? Congrats to Meghan and Prince Harry. And that will be the last time I mention it!

Poem attached.       THE TIME OF MY LIFE







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