Sorry Im late again. I would like to say I have an excuse for being late, but I havent really. Just my other lives got in the way.

It is likely that four out of five families who lost their homes in the Grenfell fire will still be in temporary at Xmas, six months after the disaster. So what happened to Government promises of being rehoused after a month. Yet again empty promises!

Donald Trump has decided the US embassy in Israel should be moved to Jerusalem, which he believes should now be recognised as their capital.  The only country in the world  that actually agrees with this decision is Israel. What a coincidence!!!! Oh, sorry that’s not entirely true. Vanuata, an island in the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan both agrre. Strange really as Israel doesnt recognise Taiwan as a country! So Trump is being unnessarily provocative. Why?

One in four nurses in the Uk are obese and one in three care home workers. So how can they preach healthy eating if they presumably cant do it themselves. And what is even more worrying is that one in three teenagers are already overweight. So the problem is going to get even worse. We really have to educate young people the importance of  a healthy diet and exercise. And the contention that healthy food is more expensive is rubbish. Vegetables , fruit, pasta, rice are just as cheap. It is just that they need more preparation than fast-food. Obesity is probably the greatest health problem we have now as it leads to so many other complications for the Health Service.

HUMOUR- There are chemicals in the chemical industry called arsole, urantae, fucol, dogcollarane, apatite and cummingtonite!

Bing Crosby’s last words were “That was a great game of golf, fellers” So he died happy then.

The oldest person in history smoked for 96 years. He must have started smoking early!

44% of women preferred reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” to actually having sex.

When I was young and my mother was baking cakes my sister and I took turns to either lick the mixing bowl or the wooden spoon. So it is sad to find out you shouldnt do it now as they may contain E-coli. How times change.

BE WARNED. Northern Ireland police have warned that any kisses stolen under the mistletoe without a womans permission could be considered as rape.  What nonsense!

It was in the papers this week that Britain’s state pension is “the poorest in the West” As someone who does receive a state pension I get a bit fed-up of being told how well off we are compared with current working people.

Finally how times change. Apparently my name of Derek was very popular in the 1930’s. I was born in the 1940’s. But last year 2016 there were only 16 children named Derek in England and Wales making it the 1570th most popular boy’s name.

PS Did you know that polar bears are left handed! Well not exactly left pawed I suppose. And humans and dolphins are the only animals that have sex for pleasure.

Poem attached      NOW IS THE HOUR








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