Its been a funny week not just a funny day. Not particularly amusing just somehow strange. Ive been very busy, Xmas stuff, lunches, out for dinner etc. plus the normal routine things. Havnt had much time to think beach thoughts.

Anyway one of the things I came across this week is why Governments think of the Arts as a luxury item rather than a necessity. When times are tough and for us in the Uk it is at least eight years the first thing central and local governments cut is libraries, art galleries, museums, music venuesetc. There is also the same argument for sports facilities. I will concentrate on the Arts . reading books, visiting art galleries and concerts.

All these things to varying degrees are therapeutic, good for well being. i believe stimulation of the brain is helpful for health. When people have interests they tend to be less depressed. They also meet other people and are less lonely. So the knock-on effect is that they are less of a drain on the NHS (national health service) which saves funding. I dont believe anyone could argue this point but policians dont get it!

Briefly on the sports front England and wales are the most obese national in Europe so the same argument applies. The fitter the population the less they need medical backup.

It just makes so much sense!

In this country we have gone overboard to use wind turbines to generate energy. I believe people making money out of them were land-owners, manufacturers and company’s that erect them. The majority of the two latter companies tend to be foreign in particular Danish or Dutch. Also we now have a problem in that there are so many of them that we have to switch them off when winds are strong because we have TOO much capacity, When we do we have to pay compensation to the owners. We have paid approx £350 Million since 2010. This is totally a waste of money!

Humour Birds living in cities start the dawn chorus 5 hours in the country. I know the noisy bastards do!

Aristotle advised Alexander the Great not to let his soldiers drink mint tea because it would make them think more of love than war. In my opinion it might make sense to give ALL soldiers mint tea!

Alternative names for Twitter were FriendStalker and Throbber. both sound better to me!

In 14th century England children were baptised in cider.

I know I go on about differences between the North and the South of England. so sorry in advance. Life expectancy rates in the North east are actually falling. These figures are for both men and women. It is down to poverty, local environment, diet, exercise etc. Most other parts of the country has rising life expectancies. Which should be the case because of the vast improvement in medical treatments. Sad really

Finally the Uk funded a new runway on the island of St Helena, in the mid-Atlantic at a cost of £300 million. It has very little useage.

Poem attached          NONSENSE




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