Read today, Happiness is the ability to laugh at yourself. Completely agree.

South Africa’s president Zuma has finally resigned. He has 800 counts of corruption to face. I suspect he may be guilty then.

What a mess the charity Oxfam is in. The leadership new there was sexual abuse being carried out both at home in England and abroad. The leadership reacted far too late.It was hushed up originally and a lot of donors and the Government have said they will stop donations. And who will suffer for all this. It is the people they were helping all over the world. What a mess.

Our foreign secretary Boris Johnson has made a speech using his hands all the time. Is he trying to outdo Donald T?

Another 17 people shot dead in Florida and many more injured. So what does the gun lobby say this time. The same old crap no doubt. There should be be more guns rather than less presumably. Why not arm schoolkids and teach them to use guns as well? Is nobody ever going to do something about this. Is the constitutional right to carry guns to defend oneself when so m,any people die?

School minister Nick Gibb says he is going to make sure all 9 year olds can do their 12times tables. He was then asked in an interview what 8 x 9 is. He wouldn’t answer. I do hope he knows!

I’ve been thinking for a while about religion. Most of the religions we have on earth have similar philosophies and common Gods. Do Gods of one religion only look after people that believe in their religion? Do they not protect the rest of humanity. Surely loving Gods care about everybody on Earth not just their own worshippers. If there are different Gods why don’t they get together and reach agreements for the good of everybody. They would certainly do a better job than the United Nations. They talk a lot and do nothing. They are still telling Putin not to invade the Crimea and Ukraine. And telling Assad in Syria not to kill his own people. They are useless!

HUMOUR ! in 3 children in the world can now use tablets before they can speak.

Did you know Jimi Hendrix was a paratrooper. Not with a guitar in his hand surely.

Sylvester Stallone was so broke before the script for Rocky was accepted he sold his dog for $25. a few weeks later he bought it back for $15,000!

Having sex uses the the same number of calories as there are in one small meringue. Pass me another one , please.

Today I received my new tax code number for the next financial year. It had a split of what percentage the tax I pay goes where. I thought the figures really surprising. they were:-

Welfare 24%, Health 20% State Pensions 13%, Education 12%, National debt and Defence 5%, Public Order and Safety(presumably police) Business and industry 2.5%, Government Admin 2%, Culture (sport, libraries and museums) 1.5%,  Environment and Housing inc Utilities eg street lights 1.5% Overseas Aid 15 and finally contribution to the EU budget 0.7%.

What surprises me the contribution to Europe is so low (so what is all the fuss about) Culture is also very low, shows how little the Government thinks about it. Caring about the environment is also low.

Just opens your eyes to what our money is spent on!


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