Im a little anxious . My daughter has been in labour for several hours now and im just waiting for news. I know it is going to be a  boy just hope they are both ok. I wonder if I will live long enough for him to make a mark on the world. My grand daughter is 4 and I think the same about her. They will leave an indelible mark on me anyway as they are my kith and kin but I wonder if they will be high achievers. Who knows.

Im also missing a friend who is several thousand miles away. There is a hole in my life.

Im going to start this week with some more old words i have collected.

PALAVER A fuss, bother.  Such as, What a palaver.

FLIBBERTIGIBBET.  An irresponsibleor flighty person.

RIGMAROLE. A fussy or timewasting procedure.

SKIVE. To shirk or evade work.

Hypocrisy at work. The Football Association (FA) have signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar. By the way homosexuality is illegal there so does that mean no Gays will be allowed to go to the World Cup?

Equality at work. Did you know only one woman has won the “Best Director Award” at the Oscars in the last 89 years. Greta Gerwig is nominated this year for “Lady Bird” this year but dont hold your breath!

Now 1/2 a glass of wine a day raises the risk of dementia. just a few months ago a glass of wine a day was supposed to be good for you .I wish they would make their minds up. Who do you believe. I would suggest moderaration is everything makes the most sense. A little of what we enjoy must be good for our general wellbeing.

Hypocrisy at work. The ceasefire in Syria. The UN agrees to a cease fire in Syria including Russia. So what happens , nothing. The Russians bomb the “Terrorists” and if they hide behind civilians or in hospitals they bomb them too. Putin does exactly as he likes. And the truth is the USA does nothing because Trump doesnt particularly care what happens in Syria!

UK sport spent £32 million on the Winter Olympics. We won 5 medals , three in the Skeleton and finished 19th in the medal table. It cost us £6.4 million per medal. The skeleton team was funded with £6.5 million. we have no tracks in the UK and the number of participants is less than 100. Backetball and badminton have 100,000’s of players but receive no funding at all as they are are not likely to win an medals. Also Ice hockey is a popular sport in the UK and we dont even send a team to the Winter Olympics. Ridiculous.

What was Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour Party doing receiving £500,000 from Max Mosley, son of Oswald Mosley , wartime leader of the British Fascist Party.Even though Mosley “claimed” not to be a Fascist any more I suspect he is still a rascist. It was tainted money at best and Tom Watson should return it!

POEM attached                    ALWAYS



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