Im going to start with old words:_

SPUNKY- Courageous, brave.

SQUITS- To be even with someone , to be equal.

DIMWIT- Stupid person, simpleton.

DIPPY- Silly or a bit crazy.

Unilever is a huge Anglo Dutch conglomerate making detergents, soap powders, margarine etc. They are moving their headquarters from London to Rotterdam not because of Brexit but because the British Government is not prepared to protect British companies when they are targetted for takeover by foreign companies. Kraft recently tried to take over Unilever and the company were not helped in any way by the Government. They will be in the future under Dutch laws. The French and Germans are also very protective of their companies. The British are not!

Donald Trump sacked his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson by twitter. Now I really dont know if he was a good Secretary of State or not but surely a man in such a important role should be sacked face to face. Apparently he disagreed with Trump a lot but that didnt work as to get on in the administration you have to be a “Yes” man (sorry or woman). What a coward Trump is.

Talking about cowards leads me of course to Theresa May. Those nasty Russians have upset her by trying to murder somebody on our soil. We have responded by expelling 23 diplomats (or as they are better none “spies”). They have responded by expelling 23 of our “spies”( sometimes called diplomats) . Today I read we are going to stop the Russians laundering dirty money in this country. As i said last week we might not play in their World Football Cup. We are definitely not sending any royalty or government ministers to watch any games. If we knew they have been murdering Russians on our soil and knew they were laundering money and had lots of spies here why is it we are now so upset we are going to do something about it. We might even stop rich people buying their caviar! That’ll teach them. Oh by the way the Government might have forgotten Russia supplies 20% of our natural gas. I hope not it is freezing here yet again.

Finally on the matter Gavin Williamson, our Defence Minister, a boy who thinks he can do a mans job has told nasty Russia “to go away and shut up”. Most of the leaders of our own armed forces think he is a joke. So he has blown any chance of a job in the diplomatic service I reckon.

May I add Putin cant be that bad a man as he has a labrador dog!

Sensational news. Paul McCartney , ex Beatle has stopped dying his hair. It is now his natural orange grey colour. You when the Beatles were on the go John Lennon and him wrote some of the best songs of modern time. Since then in the last 40 years he has managed Mull and Kintyre and the “Froggie Song”. Shame really.

Sad news this week of the death in Stephen Hawkins, who was a genuine genius, diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease in 1964 but did fantastic work despite his handicap. Also a comic genius in Sir Ken Dodd at the age of 90. He will also be sadly missed.

Finally a TV football pundit, Jamie Carragher  this week was caught on camera spitting at a car driver who annoyed him. Unfortunately he spat on the man’s 14 yr old daughter. He has apologised profusely. The man is not fit to be seen in public life again . He has been suspended but should be sacked. What an example to set anybody not just football fans. Disgusting.

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