It is Easter Monday. It is 2 degrees outside and trying to snow. The walk on the beach today with dogs was a chore not a pleasant experience. Officially Spring started last week and flowers and the blossom on trees is at least 6 weeks later than last year. Which leads me on neatly to a bad vanilla harvest this year which will cause the price of vanilla ice cream to go up dramatically. WE are going to need a drastic weather change to sell at all!

HYPOCRITES 1—- Airlines that actually charge extra for seats together for families. Of course it IS stated in the small print of their terms.

HYPOCRITES 2—- Some TV personalities who appear on TV charity quiz shows who actually charge for appearance money. The audience assume they ARE making an appearance for charity. Greedy bastards!

HYPOCRITES 3— We all know Donald Trump is a hypocrite but so is Karen McDougall the ex Playboy model who was aghast when he ALLEGEDLY offered money when they had sex. she “wasn’t that sort of girl”, but it was ok to live in the flat she was given in New York for the 10 months she had an affair with him. Stormy Daniells is the other woman who claimed they had sex and she was paid hush money. Do these woman find him so attractive or is it something else?

Alpecin shampoo and Sensodyne toothpaste have had their TV adverts banned as the shampoo doesn’t help reduce hair loss and the toothpaste doesn’t make your teeth any whiter, Is this a new thing that adverts for products actually have to tell the truth?

HUMOUR 1 in 5 people in Wales haven’t been kissed for a year.

People who believe in luck are luckier than those who don’t!

Frank Sinatra took 12 showers a day. What a clean man!

Stan Laurel successfully cross-bred a potato with an onion but couldn’t pursuade anyone to eat it

Apparently David Davis the politician in charge of the Brexit negotiations appeared on TV on the Andrew Marr show with a bucket by his side as he felt ill. Would it not have been more sensible to have it next to Andrew Marr who had to listen to David Davis spouting his usual sick making rubbish about Brexit?

Jacob Rees-Mogg the Tory politician who says he is not interested in being the the Prime Minister is being supported by his mother who says she doesn’t believe he is a toff and his nanny who thinks he will make a excellent P.M. Are they not a little biased?

People used to called John Major , an ex P.M. a grey man . Well Theresa May puts him totally in the shade. In fact she is a greyer shade of grey!

OLD WORDS—-GUFF—Foolish talk, nonsense.

FAFF— To dither or be flustered (usually faff about)

KERFUFFLE—a commotion, disorder, agitation.

WISHY-WASHY—not decisive, weak. Also means watery or insipid.

POEM attached       LIVING LIFE



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