Yes, i know its not Friday!. I seem to have less and less time to do things including this blog, recently. And that got me to thinking. Im 72 going on 73 and 30 years ago when my Dad was this age I thought he was old. But what is old? Is it classified by the age you are, the physical condition of your body or the state of your mind? probably all three. Since my dads time a lot of things have changed. My diet is a lot better, I dont smoke now( I used to on a social basis) and I certainly do more exercise than he did. I have a dog and I walk with him 5/6 miles everyday for about two and a half hours everyday. My diet is higher in fruit and veg., I use semi skimmed milk, dont fry things generally and eat very little fast food. Healthy options are much more accessible these days. This works in my case but it is ironic while they are much more readily available obesity has dramatically increased since my Dads days. His diet was high in stodge but they did walk more and use bicycles when he was younger.

The other helpful contributory factor in keeping healthy is using ones brain. Im involved in an organisation called U3A (in fact Im the local chairman this coming year. It is an organisation set up for educational purposes for people who arent in full time employment. It is generally people who have retired. We run classes in all sorts of things , natural world, theatre groups, art, music, gardening, archaeology, IT, psychology, creative writing and more physical things to such as indoor bowls, country walks and tai chi. There are about 27 groups in total. I also love all sports watching rather than participating now but I do go on a weeks long distance walking every year. A one this year following Offa’s Dyke, basically the border between England and Wales.

I write poetry and short stories and this blog every week. And i love travelling both home and abroad. that is another difference between dad and myself. Travelling abroad is so much easier and of course cheaper.

So yes Im old in years but Id like to think I have gained knowledge (and still learn something everyday) am pretty fit and keep myself very busy. My Dad died at 84 so who knows I might have a good few years in me yet!

HUMOUR The US doubled in size in 1983. How? When Ronald Regan expanded its coastal waters fro 3 to 200 miles!

The coastline of Norway is long enough to circle the planet two and a half times!

In 1922 Ernest Hemmingway’s wife lost his entire life’s work by leaving it on a train

Car theft in the UK has increased dramatically in the last few years. Which isnt really surprising when you can buy from Amazon a Ford pick lock, blank and key programming device coting about £100. How mad is that?

Good news from the Government at last . They are going to reduce the allowed stake on gambling machines from £100 to £2. Currently gamblers could stake £100 every 20 seconds.

OLD WORDS Mollyycoddle- To pamper or protect.

Floosie- A loose woman.

Snaffle-To steal

POEM Attached       CHANGE





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