I was in London last week and stayed in a small apartment in Hammersmith. I have done most of the main attractions but visited some of the smaller ones this time. William Hogarth’s house and grave in Chiswick and Chiswick House nearby. Hampstead Heath and Highgate Cemetery , Sir John Soanes museum together with the Shard and old favourite the Victoria and Albert museum.

Now in Highgate cemetery Karl Marx is buried. A tabloid newspaper attributes 10’s of millions of death down to his philosophies of Communism. He proposed “Workers of the World Unite” But by definition what is a worker?  Is it not anyone who works? He wanted workers to control the economy but someone has to take the lead. Pure Cmmunism is impossible, everyone cannot be equal, it is a contradiction of terms. What is unfair is that the richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer And, the gap is growing. Karl Marx is blamed for millions of deaths but the other side of the coin  is that Fascism is just as bad. It is also an ideology that has killed millions. Then throw in religion and power hungry politicians and rulers and you have the reason for virtually all the known unnatural deaths. Yes it’s a cruel world


The National Trust  had a salute to suffragettes last week , a tea towel. Hardly appropriate somehow!

It is the Eurovision Song Contest. Now you might think this about music. Well it is in a way. Somehow it includes Australia, Israel and Turkey who are not in Europe. But it is all about politics, nobody likes the UK or Germany so dont vote for us. And other countries like Cyprus always give Greece high marks.. It is on TV  tomorrow night!

Two things amused me this week, the price of vanilla is now higher than silver. Madagascar produces 80% of the world crops and they have had several bad harvests due to drought and disease.

And secondly it is apparently quicker to have cocaine delivered to your home than a pizza. Some survey claims this is the case.

HUMOUR King Francis 1 of France hung the “Mona Lisa” in his bathroom. Did he not know it was valuable!

Two teaspoons of Botox are enough to kill the whole of the UK.

A popular way to cure impotence in the 14th century was to wear  your trousers on your head for 24 hours.

My poor Labrador, Bruce has had an operation to repair the ligaments in his knee this weak. I have to try to keep him from moving around too much. He is also supposed to wear a buster collar over his head at all times. How you are supposed to keep a boisterous dog quiet for at least three weeks beats me!


FAFF-To dither, or be flustered (normally with about)

PERNICKERTY-To be be fussy or precise.

RUCTIONS- noisy, confusion or uproar.

SNAGGLETOOTH- A tooth that sticks out from the rest.

Poem attached                                        JUST A BOY AND A GIRL


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