Less people in the UK are using trains. Well thats not a big surprise. Prices are now sky high especially for people who use them for work everyday and when you book them last minute. I’m retired and I try to book 2/3 months in advance . i also have a old peoples pass. And the other problem is a lot of the trains are late. There has been a change of timetables recently and some parts of the country in in total chaos. Fo example the Lake District which is a big tourist will have NO trains for two months.

It was a year this week since the GRENFELL fire disaster. An enquiry is going on now. If you read my blog last week you will know some of the things that went wrong. Apparently it will be years before a report is published. I know it takes time to do a thorough job to prevent this ever happening again but the poor people who died and were rescued also need to know answers in order to move on. Not until conclusions are reached will their be any prosecution of companies or individuals. So it will be some years off.

So Trump and Kim Jong-un have reached an agreement and signed some sort of document. Nobody is quite such WHAT has been agreed. Presumably Kim has promised to give up his nuclear capabilies and Trump will withdraw his troops from the Korean peninsula. Also has it been promised that trade sanctions will be lifted against North Korea. In the meantime Kim runs a dIctatorship with hundred’s of thousands of people in prison. Anyone who objects against  the regime is immediately jailed or executed. Did Trump mention any of that in his talks I wonder.

The Uk Obesity rates continue to increase. We are only behind the US now. It is common knowledge that all energy, fizzy and soft drinks are full of sugar. Why don’t governments put some kind of tax on quantities of sugar used in food or drinks. Then companies might look seriously at reducing quantities. Something needs to be done urgently!

HUMOUR-Chewbaca’s voice was created byn combining the sounds of a bear, walrus, a lion and a babger

It is against the law for anyone in Barbados to wear camouflage.

Ants don’t have ears and all the ants in the world weigh about the same as all the people.

The London Underground was originally meant to end in Paris ( And be called the Metro?


OODLES- A great amount, many.

SNECK- Part of the Latch, the door opening mechanism.


SMUTTY-Pornographic, obscene.

There is a new law going thro. parliament making upskirting illegal. Apparently there are men in the Uk putting cameras or phones up womens skirts and taking photos. I know a sheltered life but this a new thing to me!

POEM                                 MISSING YOU


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