In the past from later Roman times throughout the middle ages were made to believe in God by fear. If they disn’t believe all sorts of bad things would happen to them. And the poor people even paid for the privilege of God’s protection. Huge cathedrals and churches were built of the finest materials, gold, silver. marble etc almost as a insurance policy to protect themselves from evil.

I have visited Italy several times and find it a difficult thing to deal with that places like the Vatican have priceless artifacts on display in a haphazard way while Catholic people are living in abject poverty in places like Africa and South America.

I was brought up a Christian and attended Sunday School. I suppose I am an agnostic. Which means I dont know whether there is a God or not. I would previously said up to about 20 years ago I was an atheist. But my son was killed at the age of 18 in an accident after just leaving school and waiting to go to University.So first of all why wasn’t it me who died,  who had had a life rather than my son who was young. He didnt deserve that  and it has made me feel guilty. I dont understand how that would make me more likely to believe in a God when he does that. But   I have to try to keep an open mind  (a) because he might try to reach me if there is an afterlife(but it is now 19 years and there have been no signs!)and (b) I desperately hope there is an afterlife so I might see him again when I die. It really is a quandary. Note I dont mention Heaven.  I dont believe even if there is an afterlife it will be split as simply as Heaven and Hell. That is way too simplistic.

To me there are just too many wars and atrocities committed for a merciful God to exist. How can the present situation in Syria or the stand off between Israel and Palestine be explained. And look at the way many Catholic priests were involved in child abuse. To be perfectly honest I think people today actually grt mixed up between believing in God(any God in fact) and living a moral life. I have tried to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I cant say I havent ever hurt people (physically i certainly havent) but I have never done it knowingly. I have tried to do the right thing. Not always succeeded but I have certainly tried. Sorry had to get that off my chest.


Oodles- Lots, very many.

Ire-Anger, wrath.

Drub-To defeat soundly in a fight.

Gabble-Talk too much, chatter

HUMOUR-The oldest man in history smoked for 96 years.

The dark side of the moon is turquoise. In China the man in the moon is the toad in the moon!

44% of woman prefer reading Fifty Shades of Grey to actually having sex!

When the first drive through McDonalds’s opened in Kuwait the queue was 7 miles long!

Poem Attached     A SHINING LIGHT





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