Well the weather in the Uk in the tha last few weeks has been unusually hot. They say the hottest and driest since 1976. It has been unusual as I have been able to go walking with my dog on the beach or across the fields near me just in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops without the worry of it raining at any time. Does not happen too often on this North east coast. It is a pleasure to be back walking my dog on the beach after several weeks of him being injured. After just 8 weeks of having the ligaments of his back leg being repaired and a metal plate being inserted he is back swimming in the sea and chasing his ball for as long as Im prepared to throw it.

With the weather being excellent more people are talking about it rather the wars going on in the world or even Brexit! People are very fickle.

The Goverment had a cabinet meeting in Newcastle this week to show how much they care about this region presumably. They need to as if we reach a “No Deal” conclusion with Brexit this Region will suffer twice as much as any other region. We export more percentage wise than any other region and are given much more in grants (again percentage wise) than any where else. The funniest thing was their train back to London took 6 hours rather than the usual three. Now they might realise how normal rail users suffer!

Prince Charles supported a paedophile Bishop even when the guy was suspected of crimes against young boys. Charles gave him money and accommodation becuse he didnt believe the authorities. Now he believes he should be treated differently because he is Royal. His arrogance should be one of the reasons he should never become King!!!!!!

While Im on the subject of Roals, Princess Eugenie is getting married soon. She apparently thinks she should have a similar wedding to Prince Harry. Why I dont know. She does very little of note, in fact she is pretty much like her father, Prince Andrew, who is  also pretty useless.

Again another arrogant Royal!

HUMOUR–The ancient Egyptian word for cat was pronounced “Miaow”. what a co-incedence!

Aristotle thought small penises were better because semen got cold in larger ones! No comment.

In 1976 Ron Wayne , co-founder of Apple sold his shares for $800. Today they would be worth billions. Oops!

Its illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

Record numbers of 10 and 11 year old children in UK are classed as “severely obese” A severely obese adult will die 10 years earlier than an adult of normal weight. This really should be a Government priority as it is not just a case of people dying but the cost of treatment by the NHS for overweight people.

POEM attached——The silence is broken

















After two months of not living up to my “Beach Thoughts” An old dog and his bloke nomenclature I can at least return to normal. my labrador Bruce has had an operation on one of his back legs. His ligaments were gone and he now has a metal plate in the leg.

We have gradually built up his fitness from total rest wearing the horrible plastic cone to small lead walks round the block, then back on the fields off leads. And finally on the beach , going in the sea and chasing a ball. He will chase a ball as long as i’m prepared to throw it. He is now a totally happy dog with a new lease of life. Oh, and I,m much happier too!

Jews have had appalling atrocities perpetrated against them in the past. Every sensible person understands this.We all feel for them.But they don’t help themselves at times. Israel has just passed a new law declaring Israel is a Jewish state. 20% of the 9 million population are of Arab origin. The law strips Arabic as an official language and Arabs will be treated as 2nd class citizens.

By doing this Israel can no longer be considered a Democratic state. But it seems this doesn’t matter to them. Jews have always considered themselves as an oppressed race but when they act like this it is not surprising!

I don’t particularly like Cliff Richard but his case against the police and BBC is certainly just.Why should anyone who is only accused of a crime receive publicity . Surely he is totally innocent until proven guilty. The press behaved as if he had been charged and found guilty. The trouble is mud sticks and some people still believe there was some truth in the accusation even when they found innocent. The old saying is believed, “There is no smoke without  fire.”

The behavior of politicians both sides of the Atlantic is appalling. How can anyone believe what they say is the truth. Trump changes his mind about situations overnight.

In the UK all parties have been discussing Brexit for 2 years and we appear to be no further forward. All parties not just the Government cannot agree. To me there are only 2 solutions . Form a National Government with all parties represented OR have a 2nd referendum stating exactly  what  the alternatives are of staying in or  leaving the European community. But there would have to be a much larger majority to be successful. A majority of 4% is a joke.

Humour—– Martian sunsets are blue.

In 2005 a Romanian murderers sued God for not doing enough to protect him fro Satan. I dont know who won!!!!

Charles Darwin’s cousin invented underwater specs so he could read in the bath. S did he have waterproof books or magazines I wonder.

In the last seven weeks we have had one day of torrential rain. And it flooded my garage! And the same day I reversed my car into a lamp-post                                                       POETRY attached-                                                                                    .A place in the heart



Sorry , missed a week. Was on a walking holiday with three similarly grumpy old men. we walked a national path called Offa’s Dyke which stretches 190 miles from Chepstow to Prestatyn. Offa was a 8th century king of Mercia who built a earth wall to keep out Welsh marauders. We walked for 4 days and covered about 60 miles. It was hot! 28-29 degrees c Well hot when you normally live on the North East coast of England. Walked from Chepstow to Monmouth, Abergavenny to Hay-on-Wye. All lovely towns on the Welsh- England border.

And this week’s news. Brexit-shambles. Ordinary people know less about it than they did 2 years ago when they voted to leave Europe but unfortunately our politicians and the Government also haven’t got a clue either. The clown prince of politics, Boris Johnson  has now resigned but unfortunately I suspect he will be back. Theresa May is becoming more of an embarrassment by the minute. She is crawling to Donald Trump trying to achieve some kind of trade deal for the future. It is pathetic to watch. He is walking rings around her.

Congratulations to the England football team for reaching the semi-final of the world. As a young team they can only improve.

Also congrats to the International rescue team who got  the boys and their coach out of the Thailand flooded  pot-holes. It is amazing how countries can work together so well when there is a disaster!

A frightening statistic I came across this week is that 1 in 10 children do not own a book. That is frightening ! Also in a large  survey of children 60% have never flown a kite, 34% have never ridden  a bike and 49% have never climbed a tree.

HUMOUR–A cow with a name will produce 450 more pints a year than one without a name.

The Spanish for “when pigs fly” is “when hens piss”

There are 2,500 types of moth in the UK but only 60 species of butterfly.

In the Himalayas the smoke from burning millipedes is used to treat haemorrhoids.

Saw a photogragh today of a pair of polar bear cubs fighting over a piece of plastic- in the Arctic. Frightening.

Good news was Starbucks are imposing a levy of 5p per cup in an effort to reduce useage. Hope is people will be more inclined to bring in their own cup. Well it certainly worked when they put on a 5p levy for plastic bags for supermarkets. It was very successful so here’s hoping.

At last its been proven.  Your brain is only as old as you feel!

A study of people between the ages of 59-84 found that those that felt younger than their age had more grey matter in their brain and had better memories. However those that felt younger were more likely to lead a mpre physically and mentally active life which could cause improvements in brain health. Im no scientist but I would suggest a positive attitude to life is also likely to help one feel younger. Good news as far as Im concerned                                                             POEM ATTACHED    .WORDS