I was reading an article somewhere this week where a parent was telling their children life could be tough at times. They were heavily criticized by other people.

I am of the believe you deal with things that go wrong in your life when they happen. People who have gone through life without anything bad to them are extremely lucky. i think dealing with a major problem makes you stronger , more rounded, more understanding of other people having tough times. it should actually make you a better person. It gives you experience of dealing with a problem and knowing how to get through it fo the future. The other factor for me is that if you have low times does it not make the good things in life even sweeter? If you dont experience bad times you wont tend to experience the euphoria of extreme happiness.

Life is tough but given resilience it can be exciting and totally worthwile whatever your circumstances. i know it is a well-worn cliche but you really do get out of life what you put in. Also, in my case never look back. Yes Ive made stupid mistakes, but thats in hindsight. Hopefully Ive learnt from them and wont make those same mistakes again. Unfortunately I cant really say that as I have been known to make the same mistake again and again. But thats just me being stupid.

By the way age doesnt really come into this, Ive met really smart young people and stupid old people. its just the individual that counts. OK sermon over, sorry about that.

The British Government discovered a new continent this week called Africa. You leave Europe and if you keep going south you will come to it. We sent a woman Witch doctor called Theresa May who thinks by doing a bit of dancing she can get them to give us some business. No government minister has visited this new continent for 7 years and no Prime Minister for about 30 years. Apparently quite a lot of people live there. Unfortunately it was discovered some time ago by the Chinese who have been poring money into the infrastructure. Now someone has decided we might be leaving Europe we will be poring money into Africa. However Im reliably informed there are a lot of despots there who will cream off our money and keep it themselves. Witch Doctor May visited Nigeria and giving their record of scam emails here I hope she isnt tempted to give them our bank details.

HUMOUR—-Mozart kept a fart diary!

You have a “turd” in your teeth was a common insult in the 17th century

The largest bra size is 48V. Now that is a big girl!!!!!

The least common PIN number is 8068. Bet it isnt now!


More shooting in USA. Not really news anymore. Civilians die in Syria and Yemen also not news

SIGN of the TIMES-Pope Francis visited Ireland and 200k attended mass.In 1979 Pope John Paul 2nd visited and 1.2 Million attended.

Finally Donald Trump’s behaviour towards John McCain is appalling. Apparently you are not a war hero if you get captured. You are only a hero if you are dead or not captured. Well Trump wasnt captured , so he must be a hero. But does being back in the USA and not fighting at all count?


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