Right, Im trying to talk about the bad and silly things of the week first and somehow Donald Trump is first. In my last blog I talked about that epitome of correctness, truthfuliness and just generally good-egg saying that the Democratic party and Hilary Clinton had a vendetta against him being voted in a Supreme Court judge. So how can he judged as un biased? Now that ultra fair minded President has mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. now I really dont know if Kavanagh is guilty of rape or not but Trump should not be taking sides. It is wrong and unbecoming of the President in particular. Disgraceful behaviour. But in trump’s favour he is in love apparently. Him and Kim Jong-un are exchanging love letters.

Next it was the Tory party conference this week and two Tory ministers, Jeremy hunt, Foreign Secretary accused the European Union being like a Soviet jail after Phillip Hammond , the Chancellor of Exchequer said the Labour Party had similar economic policies to Stalinist Russia. Stalin was a mass murderer of his own people. Calling your opponents like this is from the gutter. It is purely done for effect but it is not right.. These are supposed to be leaders of the people. Also disgraceful!

A man in the Uk this week was found guilty of killing his 8 year old daughter as revenge against her mothers lesbian relationship. How evil is it possible to be?

HUMOUR —Bet you dont know what an “orgle” is. Ok, it is the strange gargling noise a male llama having sex makes!

The Pantone official colour chart has 104 shades of grey.

People who kiss their dogs have lower blood pressure than those who dont!

As a child Mozart was terrified of trumpets.

Right, a bottle of whisky was sold last week for £850, 000 or £28,000 a glass. thats obscene, how could anything be worth that.

Some company in the Uk has brought out Christmas tree crisps, pine salt flavoured. I doubt if I will be having any of them!

A professor has now come out and said even one drink every day will increase your risk of death by 20%. Especially if it is a glass of the afore-mentioned whisky!

259 people died last year while taking selfies including falling off cliffs bridges etc.

MORE HUMOUR—- Labels attached to products

“Caution not to be used for navigation” on a napkin dcorated with an old sea chart.

“Dont iron clothing while it is being worn, you’ll injure the wearer” on a steam iron.

“Do not put any person in this washer” on a washing machine.

“Do not use while asleep” on a hair-dryer.

Finally a football manager, Steve Bruce had a cabbage thrown at him during a game. His team Aston Villa have been doing badly this season. He was sacked later that evening.

But my question is, “Who takes a cabbage to a football match?

Sorry not much substance this week but most news was bad news so i thought I’d give you more humour.

POEM attached.                 A SMALL TOWN

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