Yes I know i missed a post last friday. My life is such a whirl. I walk my dog for two hours every day am chairman of a local branch of a organisation called U3A with 300 members . I’m in a walking group,joint leader of a archaeology group, a member of a sports group and psychology group and now I’m involved with school runs and gymnastic classes for a little girl who isn’t even 5 yet. Oh , and I try to write a blog and a poem every week. Good job i’m retired or I wouldn’t be able to fit it in otherwise.

I’m not going to say much about Brexit other than apologise to everyone for the shambles this country has become. we have had two successive Prime Ministers who couldn’t negotiate themselves ou of a paper bag. Our Parliament has become more like a kindergarden of bawling kids. It used to be one of the most democracies in the world we are now a laughing stock. So I apologise on behalf of the man in the street who cant believe what is happening. SORRY!

We had a previous Prime Minister called Gordon Brown who was less than knowledgeable about modern times . Apparently he was always confused about LGBT( lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and BLT’s(bacon , lettuce and tomato sandwiches) I actually know the difference between the two but I am confused about the number of sexual connitations there are now.

HUMOUR a single lightening bolt produces enough energy to power a family home for a month. Ok, so how do you catch it?

On 28th June 2009 Stephen Hawking hosted a party for time travellers from the future. Surprisingly nobody turned up!

in the year 20860 the Islamic and Christian calendars will finally agree.  pity I wont be around then to see some sort of agreement.

Human teeth evolved from fish scales.

The Uk Government were going to ban the sale of energy drinks to children. Apparently it is not convinced these high sugar high caffeine drinks have any effect on obesity. Even though obesity levels in children are rising year after year. Stupid.

I know i often talk about obscene prices for art etc. Here is another one. A bottle of whisky costing £1.2 million or a glass worth £43,000.  How do you drink a glass coting that much? Do you drink it off in one gulp or do you sip it? OBSCENE


Fiddle-faddle-Wasting time doing trivial thing.

Lickspittle- A grovelling individual.

Kickshaw-Little bits of what you fancy, which do you good.

Rapscallion- A rascal or rogue.

There is more and more evidence of climate change or global warming but when are countries going to take it seriously. we have just had a major conference about it but until the large industrial countries doing something about it things aren’t going to change. It is likely our children are going to suffer the most not those of us who are adults now.

POEM attached      THE UNDERSTUDY    

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