Well it’s a new year! A year of opportunity, a year of good luck, a year of good health, wealth. Who knows, but I believe it it always best to look forward and take any opportunities that arise when they arise. It is no good looking back later and regretting not doing something. It is better trying and failing than not trying at all! I have always believed in looking forward. Learning from the past but not regretting it as hind sight is a wonderful thing!

So good luck everyone and I hope you achieve whatever you really want to in 2019.

A man was given 6 years in prison for manslaughter for killing a girlfriend by driving a boat recklessly. He did not appear in court and has disappeared. But he has claimed £100,000 from the public purse to pay a legal team to prepare for an appeal. No one knows where he is not even his lawyers. So how is he allowed this money? The LAW is a ass.

5 of the 11 suspected of killing the Saudi journalist Jamai Khasihoggi in Turkey are likely to be executed.They deserve to be punished but not the death penalty.But what about the Crown Prince who ordered the killing.Nothing of course.His country is rich in oil so the world turns a blind eye.

The railway system in the uk is a disgrace! So what does the Government do. Puts up the prices of course! Oh, and by the way it is all the fault of the tade unions. I didn’t realise they were responsibile for all the time tables being changed, late trains and lots of antiquated rolling stock. The transport minister Chris Grayling is a joke.

HUMOUR–Mentioning guacamole in your dating profile gets you 144% more responses.

Australia is slightly wider than the moon. But it’s not blue or made out of cheese!

Elephants hear much better with one foot off the ground. But, it doesn’t work with humans because I’ve just tried it.

Haribo sweets contain nine out of the ten amino acids essential for life. So does that mean we could live off Maribo sweets alone?

As I keep mentioning child obesity in the uk is the worst in Western Europe. Yet the Government claims they are doing everything possible. Rubbish, as the Chief Medical Officer suggests we should be taxing the companies that produce junk foods. Instead of voluntary agreements with food and drink manufacturers we need to make them reduce sugar content or just fine them!

But McDonalds are now selling a vegetarian happy meal and Greggs a vegan sausage roll! And apparently they are both selling well. Food for thought.

OLD FASHIONED WORDS– Yex – A burp or a hiccup.

Blatherskite-Someone who talks too much.

Tommyrot- Talking rubbish.

Hogwash- As above

Poem attached      A ticking clock


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