Yes I’m still here. People say January is usually a quite month and not a lot happens. Well not in my life. I have been very busy. Enough of the small talk.

Walkers crisp packets at the moment are not recyclable. But the company states they will be by 2025. Thats 6 years. Why are these companies not forced to do something urgently. It takes 6 years to develop a new type of packet. Thats ridiculous!. There just doesn’t seem the urgency to tackle this plastic problem!

Ronaldo the Portugese footballer was fined £17m for tax evasion in Spain. He had agreed with the authorities to pay £16.5 plus instead of 23 months in jail he was fined £320k. And who says money doesnt talk!!!!!

Alex Salmond former leader of the SNP(Scottish Nationalist party)  who at one time thought he was going to be the first president of Scotland and live in a castle, has been charged with 2 rapes and 9 counts of assault. Now I know you are innocent until you are proven guilty but when you have 11 charges against you , you are likely to be guilty. Oh, how the mighty. fall!

So that great British patriot , Sir James Dyson has decided to take the  HQ of his company to Singapore. Apparently for tax purposes. So money is more important than principles ! What a surprise.

How can we solve the Brexit problem? Well when you have a Prime Minister who was in favour of remaining in Europe leads a pro leave party and Labour the opposition have a pro- leave leader who leads a pro remain party  you have problems. And the balance of power is held by 12 Irish members who are only in it to get as much money for Ireland as possible thats when you have a stalemate.

And there is a similar problem in the USA where Trump can’t get his finance needed to build a wall or a fence or even a hedge to keep those horrible Mexicans out. That is also a stalemate. But in their case 800, 000 Government workers are not being paid.

HUMOUR–Eating 20 million bananas would give you a fatal dose of radioactivity. And by the way bananas are used to make kimonos!

Before humans reached Hawaii the dominant animals were giant ducks.

The longest bout of hiccups lasted 67 years.

In the 1950’s the Cyprus up rising against the British occupation resulted in British soldiers carrying out mock hangings and gang rapes.Compensation has recently been paid out to the victims. This is obviously an admission of guilt.  We were just as bad at civil rights as the countries we complain about now!


VAMOOSE- Depart swiftly (from the Spanish vamos)

SHILLY – SHALLY–To be indecisive.

JUGGINS– Simple minded person

MUCKER– To conceal.

Poem attached                                         that,s life


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