Well. Ive returned from Amsterdam. I was very impressed, beautiful city and very easy to get around by bus and tram. As most of you will know it is a city of canals lined by beautiful buildings. The people are very easy going and virtually all speak English. Prices are a little more expensive than the uk and there is a huge choice of different types of restaurants and bars. It is a Mecca for famous paintings mainly the Dutch masters and a whole museum of Van Gogh. It is also famous for its Red Light district area where prostitutes display there wares at doors and windows. But it is also an area of great energy and no kind of threatening atmosphere. Certaily a city I would visit again.

Just discovered breakdancing is being considered for the next Olympics. Is it realyl a sport? Having said that surfing and rock climbing are both to be included in 2020. However previous “sports” to be included in previous years were horse long jumping in !00, live clay pigeon shooting in the same year, tug of war from 1900 to 1920 and the most strange of all poetry from 1912 to 1948. How on earth was poetry considered a sport!

The model Edie Campbell was dropped from Milan Fashion show because she was considered too big. Her figures are 32 x 24 x 35 and she is 5ft 10 inches tall. It is is just encouraging young girls to be anorexic.

There are now 733k houses in England  worth more than £1 million and more than half at 396k are in London. There is just a huge North- South divide in wealth.

HUMOUR–The terms “Tory”, “Labour”, and “Prime Minister” all began as insults. So nothing has changed then!

Victorian slang for breasts was “Cupid’s kettledrums”

In Greece between 1920 and 1983 leprosy was grounds for divorce. That was a bit harsh!

Most Britons say sorry almost 2 million times in their lives. Sorry about that!

Only 42% of people in the UK walk their dogs the average 20 minutes on a daily basis. 20% claim their dog doesnt like bad weather and 4% claim their dog doesnt like getting dirty. Really they are just lazy bastards. my dog gets 2hours every day com rain or shine.

Have you noticed men tend not to whistle any more. When I was young milkmen, postmen, deliverymen all whistled when they were about their business. All boys learnt how to whistle at school . Those that couldnt were deemed nurds. But funnily enough not many girls could. I still whistle a lot at home but for some reason not in the street .It is highly unusual to hear anyone whistling in public. I advocate bringing it back.

News of Brexit– None. But some MP’s , those with some courage and principles have resigned from their parties. The rest of the sheep are just bleating on as usual. All they think of is themselves certainly not the country.

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Dont know how long this blog will be as Im waiting for a taxi to take me to the ferry terminal at north shields to catch a ferry to Amersterdam. I live about fifteen minutes away and a ferry leaves every day of the week at 4-30Pm. I have never been to Amsterdam and Im now over 70. Just never got round to it. Considering Ive been to most European countries and half way round the world its taken me long enough. Im told its worth it. Will report back next week.

Whats happened this week/ pretty normal week really. No change in the Uk re Brexit. They now have votes in the Commons and the PM just ignores the result whether she wins or not. Apparently it costs us £800 million a week now due to no decision and probably more when we do leave. The ordinary person has now given up and the politicians are driven by self interest rather having the countries interest at heart. So the stalemate goes on , and on, and ……….Im sure you get the drift!

Meanwhile in the US it is not much better. Trump is declaring a state of emergency to get his money for a wall (or is it a fence or even a hedge now). The poor people of America must be highly delighted that he wants to spend $5 billion on it.

How ironic. A Polish lady of 100 who survived the holocaust was mugged in the street and subsequently died killed by a Polish mugger in the streets of Derby.!

Just discovered the two actors playing Ma and Pa Walton in that good old fashioned US drama The Waltons were having an affair. How dreams are broken.

Sorry got to go my taxi has arrived

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