Well its now March and the meteorology start of Spring and that was justified last week with the highest ever February temperature since records began of nearly 21 degrees C. not here in the North East I may say but it was rather nice weather. I’m on holiday again soon. Going to Portugal and Spain so hope weather is equally as good .

Well done Olivia Colman for winning the Oscar for best actress and for being a normal human being!

A baby was born in Tokyo recent weighing only 268 grams or 10 ounces. She has now gone home weighing 7lbs.  Some of the  advances in medical sciences are now incredible. I read the other day doctors had operated successfully on a baby while it was still in the womb.

I know I have talked a lot about child obesity in the past . I still dont think enough is being to tackle the problem. But equally as bad is being underweght. I saw a photo of some models at the recent Yves St. Laurent fashion show. They were like match stick people, painfully thin. I know they are only there to show off the clothes but surely an average person would be able to do just as well. Their problem is just as bad as obesity. Cindy Crawford,s daughter Kaia was one of the models. You would think her mother would have advised her better.

OLD FASHIONED WORDs— CONK- This had two meanings, a nose and to breakdown suddenly as in”conk out”

SKEW WHIFF— Meaning not straight or crooked.

SKEDADDLE— Make a quick getaway.

STROPPY–Awkward or badly behaved.


A Donald Trump wig is on the loose in the Uk. It cost £15 to make took 6 months and has gone missing from the workshop that made it for a show.

British MP’s have given themselves a pay rise of about £2000. Civil servants working for them will be given a lower % rise of course.

WEEKLY TRUMP REPORT– NO DEAL -TRUMP-KIM How could two cheats, liars ever agree with each other?

WEEKLY MAY REPORT– MAY remains in her little bubble,how does just delaying everything work. Does she just think she will wake up and Brexit will have gone away.I hope when I wake up she will have gone away.

WEEKLY CORBYN REPORT–CORBYN keeps changing his mind about everything.He says Labour is not an antisemitic party but one of his top supporters everyone is makking too much of a fuss about nothing!

Gradually Corbyn is making certain certain he will never be PM. Im a life long Socialist and certainly doesnt support my beliefs.

HUMOUR–The Chilean word “achaplinarse”means to run around in the style of Charlie Chaplin. Not surprising really!

Ladybirds can fly as fast as racehorses can run. But ladybirds dont have a jockey on their backs!

French toast is thousands of years older than France.

UK house spiders include the Pink Prowler , the Spitting Spider and the Missing Sector Orb Weaver. Wouldnt like to meet that lot on a dark night!

Poem attached      STORMY WEATHER