I really can’t believe! i haven’t sent a blog for just over a year. And what a year it has been! I must have had the most eventful year in my life. Where to start?

Just a year ago this week my partner and I, Joan flew off to Lisbon, train to  Porto and then flew to Barcelona. Had a great time , especially as Porto is one of my favourite cities anywhere. So then we arrived home and decided to sell both our houses and move in together. I sold my house immediately to my next door neighbour’s son and daughter. So that was easy but selling my partner Joan’s  not so. It took 9 months, with no offers, 22 viewings then at last it was sold! We bought a new house together and are delighted with it. Needs some work in the house and garden but nothing major. We are near a station and within a stones distance of the beach, great for the dogs. We moved in December and Brexit and a general election suddenly happened.It seemed a big deal at the time. Unfortunately the PM was/ is a Trump clone. They both open their mouths  but speak through where their arse’s should be.

Anyway I digress,  forgetting in June we went to London staying with friends ostensibly to go to the Royal Albert Hall to see a concert. I spent a week in hospital after having a stroke. I got into hospital and was talking utter garbage (some would say I usually do) They gave me a pacemaker lots of tablets and sent me on my way. My speech was fully recovered within a week or so and within 5 weeks I was doing 11 miles in a day doing part of the Cleveland way. (a long distance walk in the North east of England} My medical problems are sorted!

And so to Coronavirus. So I will have time to do blogs again. Lots of time . I know everyone is different but in England we are confined to our homes only to take dogs out once a day. As I am over 70 I am not allowed to go to shops or drive anywhere. We are self isolating. All the pubs, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc are closed. There is absolutely no sport. Only two people are allowed out together. I suspect people have similar circumstances around the world. We are advised at present to stay at home for 3 months. Purgatory. But we have to stay safe.

This situation is certainly the biggest event in my lifetime and we don’t know how long it will last.

And so I intend getting back to my blog . Hopefully I can get some humour, some obscure facts, find some usual and obsolete words  , some political cynicism back again.  With a bit of sarcasm, obtreperory and downright awkwardness.

Plus my poetry, I haven’t written poem for 12 months now. I’m out of practice so bare with me.

I look forward to seeing you soon!