Well, this self isolation thing is very strange. Never mind this being a Friday everyday might as well be a Friday. Everyday is the same. It is only the end of the second week of self isolation , with supposedly at least eleven to go. It is going to be a long time. I’m lucky I suppose. I have a garden and because I have moved into a new house there is quite a lot to do. The weather has been pretty good and spring is the time for planting seeds and clearing out all the rubbish from the winter. The only time my partner and I are allowed out is to walk our dogs. Fortunately we are only a few minutes away from the beach so that allows plenty fresh air.

In the UK all is pretty much doom and gloom, same as much countries as present. Death rates are climbing and we are told the peak will probably be reached in about a couple of weeks.The media is full of criticism for the slowness of the government to react to suppl ying PPE (personal protective equipment) Our NHS is doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances but there is still shortages of masks, gowns gloves. The government makes promises which are not being fulfilled. But the biggest problem is the lack of testing equipment. Germany is testing 500,000 people in the Uk we are only testing about 10,000.  Our PM (our British Trump) said a fortnight ago the key, is testing, testing, testing. He is isolated at present after having been positively tested but not even the frontline staff like doctors and nurses have been tested yet. We are also hopelessly ill-equipped with ventilators. Again they are expected to come in the next few weeks!

It appears the Western world totally underestimated this virus. A fortnight ago Trump the clown was still saying it was just “flu”. He would wouldn’t he!  The Major of New York however is a realist and appears to be leading from the front. Asian countries reacted much more quickly and South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and even China itself have recovered more quickly.

Enough of the gloom.

AMUSING FACTS–80% of people who are struck by lightning survive , on the other if you are unlucky 20% die!

After the first recorded hurley match the losing side were brutally murdered. A winner takes all perhaps?

in 1920 Clarence Blethen retired hurt from a baseball game after biting himself on the bottom with the false teeth he kept in his back pocket!

A fight between chameleons is more likely to be started by the one with the brighter stripes.

There are at least 600 men in the world with penis. Whose a lucky boy then?

Scatomancy is telling the future by looking at tuds. What a load of shit!

INTERESTING WORDS– COLLYWOBBLES is a pain in the stomach or abdomen.

COMELY is a handsome, attractive person eg wench.

FLAPPER a bold or unconvential in actions or clothes.

FLIBBERITGIBBET a irresponsible person.

FLIGHTY foolish, silly or frivolous.

HOME Please find poem attached. Also BRUCE the labrador wanted to be in on act!

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