This week has just been fantastic on the beach. Even though there has been a white frost every morning it has been warm and sunny later. I have worn short sleeves and if it continues like this it will soon be shorts, flip flops and my beard of 14 weeks will be shaved off. There is blossom on the trees and flowers are coming out in the gardens. Spring has sprung. Ok I’m not getting too carried away it is still early and we have had snow and storms much later than this. But have you noticed when the sun shines people are happier and speak to each other much more readily.

So we are talking about renewing our submarines that carry nuclear weapons. 20 billion pound for 4 submarines and a running cost of 2.4 billion per annum. Our independent system which depends on the USA satelite system. Its just silly money. If just one missile is fired, no matter by whom, the rest are automatically geared to respond. And we will all be dead at the same time. What I did not know is how few submarines there are now. USA has 14, Russia 11, and UK 4, France 4 and China 4. That’s it.

I see Barry Manilow is getting married to his male manager. He is not officially gay ( apparently his female fans would not be happy) but it is a reasonable clue to his sexual orientation. He has the same birthday as me, 17th June , but he is a year older and I ‘m not gay.

Oil has been discovered under the South of England this week. There is as much as there was in the North Sea they estimate. Pity it is under Surrey and Sussex. There will be no chance of planning permissions being granted there. If it was in the North of England yes, but not the South. Unless of course they can build a long tunnel so they can bring up in the North without causing any disruption down south!!!!!!!

The lyrics of American Pie by Don McLean have been sold this week for 800,000 dollars. Apparently people thought it would explain some of the obscure meanings but it doesn’t and Don isn’t letting on.

Did you know Tutankhamun was the only ancient Egyptian who was mummified with an erect penis!. Also his his parents were brother and sister.

Chessington Zoo near London has banned people wearing animal print onesies to stop the animals there getting confused.

One of my heros died yesterday, probably one of the most famous Australians of all time. Richie Benaud. For those of you who don’t know he was a cricketer who captained his country and became the top commentator on the sport for 40 odd years. He was a trained journalist and wrote several books. Because of his training he made every word count. Very sad. He was 84, lived life to the full. He also loved golf and horseracing and drove and crashed his MG sports car last year. He died of skin cancer , something the Austalians are now paranoid about.

I hope you like this weeks poem     THE RIVER