When I worked, which now seems a long time ago, Friday was the end of the working week and the start of the weekend. You looked forward to lie-ins and taking it easy, catching up on jobs around the house, meeting friends and going to the pub. Once you retire fridays are the same as any other day as life is one long weekend. The reason i mention this is that we have had two weeks excellent weather except for the weekends!The two last weekends the weather has been poor and this weekend is forecast to be very cold , snow in some places. So I feel sorry for you workers!!!!!!!

I know not everyone will have heard of A.P. McCoy (tony). He is a British jumps jockey who has been champion for the last 20yrs. He has won 4357 races and has fallen off his horse more than a thousand times breaking most of the bones in his body. He retires this weekend at Sandown park. Anyone who is interested in horses will miss this great champion.

How could a suspected rogue trader living in a small house in Hounslow, London cause absolute chaos on the New York stock-exchange. Apparently his internet connection was faster than those in New York and he disrupted the market with spoof transactions. How can this happen today. The banks and the other financial institutions just cannot be trusted. There have been huge fines handed out to the banks for manipulating exchange rates and  mis-selling financial products on both sides of the Atlantic. It is these people dont have to behave the same way as the rest of us. They think they are above the law.

Did you know that enough Polo mints are produced in one year to give everyone in the UK 114 each. I haven’t had any for ages so somebody else has been getting my share.

Argentinians speak Spanish with a strong Italian accent!

In Washington DC, the Slovakian and Slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail!

As i said before weather this last or so has been excellent unfortunately the tides have brought in lots of seaweed and dead fish. For some reason dogs love to roll in this mixture. Bruce of course did. The smell was incredible. It took 3 baths to make him tolerable again. Lots of dogs did the same apparently. When the weather is so much warmer it takes a lot longer to walk the dog as we tend to talk more to the other regular dog walkers. When it is bad or cold weather we just tend to mutter hullo and move on quickly.

This refugee situation in the Mediterranean is frightening. They are fleeing wars in Africa and the Middle East. We need to rescue these people where necessary and that is when tghe other problem starts. A lot of the European countries dont want to take them so at the moment Malta and Italy are stuck with them. Europe has to accept some responsibility. We actually caused some of the conflicts the refugees are fleeing from. I include the UK in this, we certainly haven’t taken many people in.

Lastly a poem about whaling     .IN PURSUIT OF GIANTS