Im going to start with old words:_

SPUNKY- Courageous, brave.

SQUITS- To be even with someone , to be equal.

DIMWIT- Stupid person, simpleton.

DIPPY- Silly or a bit crazy.

Unilever is a huge Anglo Dutch conglomerate making detergents, soap powders, margarine etc. They are moving their headquarters from London to Rotterdam not because of Brexit but because the British Government is not prepared to protect British companies when they are targetted for takeover by foreign companies. Kraft recently tried to take over Unilever and the company were not helped in any way by the Government. They will be in the future under Dutch laws. The French and Germans are also very protective of their companies. The British are not!

Donald Trump sacked his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson by twitter. Now I really dont know if he was a good Secretary of State or not but surely a man in such a important role should be sacked face to face. Apparently he disagreed with Trump a lot but that didnt work as to get on in the administration you have to be a “Yes” man (sorry or woman). What a coward Trump is.

Talking about cowards leads me of course to Theresa May. Those nasty Russians have upset her by trying to murder somebody on our soil. We have responded by expelling 23 diplomats (or as they are better none “spies”). They have responded by expelling 23 of our “spies”( sometimes called diplomats) . Today I read we are going to stop the Russians laundering dirty money in this country. As i said last week we might not play in their World Football Cup. We are definitely not sending any royalty or government ministers to watch any games. If we knew they have been murdering Russians on our soil and knew they were laundering money and had lots of spies here why is it we are now so upset we are going to do something about it. We might even stop rich people buying their caviar! That’ll teach them. Oh by the way the Government might have forgotten Russia supplies 20% of our natural gas. I hope not it is freezing here yet again.

Finally on the matter Gavin Williamson, our Defence Minister, a boy who thinks he can do a mans job has told nasty Russia “to go away and shut up”. Most of the leaders of our own armed forces think he is a joke. So he has blown any chance of a job in the diplomatic service I reckon.

May I add Putin cant be that bad a man as he has a labrador dog!

Sensational news. Paul McCartney , ex Beatle has stopped dying his hair. It is now his natural orange grey colour. You when the Beatles were on the go John Lennon and him wrote some of the best songs of modern time. Since then in the last 40 years he has managed Mull and Kintyre and the “Froggie Song”. Shame really.

Sad news this week of the death in Stephen Hawkins, who was a genuine genius, diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease in 1964 but did fantastic work despite his handicap. Also a comic genius in Sir Ken Dodd at the age of 90. He will also be sadly missed.

Finally a TV football pundit, Jamie Carragher  this week was caught on camera spitting at a car driver who annoyed him. Unfortunately he spat on the man’s 14 yr old daughter. He has apologised profusely. The man is not fit to be seen in public life again . He has been suspended but should be sacked. What an example to set anybody not just football fans. Disgusting.

Poem attached     BOOKS







Well for me its been an interesting week. Ive become a grandfather for the second time now have a grandson as well as a grand daughter. He was huge (well I thought he was) 10 lb 9 ounces. Ive always thought when babies were born they looked pretty much the same. people would say “it looks just like uncle Fred or just like its father. I could never see the resemblances. But Felix (apparently Latin for good) looks like his mother and his sister and I can see it for once. because he is so big , long actually, he just looks older than new born. Anyway both my daughter and him are doing well.

Also last Friday we had several inches of snow on the ground. It has now totally gone and today is like a spring day. But, as some of you might know I walk on the local beach most days. When the weather was really bad I took my dog on the fields instead. I live on the East coast of England and the wind was blowing directly from the Arctic onto our coast. It has totally  destroyed our beach. Unusually high tides and gale force winds have removed all the sand and left a rocky shoreline. Not shingle but huge rocks. Also there were dead bodies of all sorts of sealife. Porpoises, seals, octopuses (I hope thats the right plural) fish, crabs all sorts of creatures and debris.

So back at home there is a suspicion the Russians have attacked a Russian double agent and his daughter with nerve gas. I say suspicion because at least 13 Russian businessmen who have fallen out with Putin or some of their British associates have died in strange circumstances. Committed suicide,  fallen off balconies been poisoned etc. The Government appear to have turned a blind eye until this last one. But now our clown of a foreign minister said we will take strong action if this latest incident is proven to be Russian generated. Do you know what the strong action is. We may pull out of the World Cup and not allow Prince William to go. BIG DEAL  They are really going to worry about  losing a second rate country with no chance of winning arent they!

Yet more hypocrisy. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is visiting the Uk and the red carpet is out for him. Never mind their appalling civil rights record and their treatment of women.(although they are now allowed to drive and attend sports events) We are after selling them aircraft and weapons. Weapons they have been using to bomb civilians in Yemen by the way!

Our prison system is working well! Apparently prisoners can order drugs on mobile phones which they arent allowed to have to deliver drugs to their cell windows by drone.

Humour There is no mentions of salad in the Bible Apparently it wasnt invented then!

Bananas have more trade regulations than AK-47’s.  Less effective in battles!

The original Popeye  got his strength from rubbing a magic hen. But then along came along the Spinach Marketing Board.

Hula Hoops are not kosher.

Stop Press  Donald Trump to meet Kim Jong-Un. What fun that will be two egotistical people. That is a heavy weight bout how are they going to get their heads into the same room. No doubt it will be a sick making praising of each other. And I thought Piers Morgan and Donald trump was bad!!!

Poem attached A HAPPY MAN


Im a little anxious . My daughter has been in labour for several hours now and im just waiting for news. I know it is going to be a  boy just hope they are both ok. I wonder if I will live long enough for him to make a mark on the world. My grand daughter is 4 and I think the same about her. They will leave an indelible mark on me anyway as they are my kith and kin but I wonder if they will be high achievers. Who knows.

Im also missing a friend who is several thousand miles away. There is a hole in my life.

Im going to start this week with some more old words i have collected.

PALAVER A fuss, bother.  Such as, What a palaver.

FLIBBERTIGIBBET.  An irresponsibleor flighty person.

RIGMAROLE. A fussy or timewasting procedure.

SKIVE. To shirk or evade work.

Hypocrisy at work. The Football Association (FA) have signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar. By the way homosexuality is illegal there so does that mean no Gays will be allowed to go to the World Cup?

Equality at work. Did you know only one woman has won the “Best Director Award” at the Oscars in the last 89 years. Greta Gerwig is nominated this year for “Lady Bird” this year but dont hold your breath!

Now 1/2 a glass of wine a day raises the risk of dementia. just a few months ago a glass of wine a day was supposed to be good for you .I wish they would make their minds up. Who do you believe. I would suggest moderaration is everything makes the most sense. A little of what we enjoy must be good for our general wellbeing.

Hypocrisy at work. The ceasefire in Syria. The UN agrees to a cease fire in Syria including Russia. So what happens , nothing. The Russians bomb the “Terrorists” and if they hide behind civilians or in hospitals they bomb them too. Putin does exactly as he likes. And the truth is the USA does nothing because Trump doesnt particularly care what happens in Syria!

UK sport spent £32 million on the Winter Olympics. We won 5 medals , three in the Skeleton and finished 19th in the medal table. It cost us £6.4 million per medal. The skeleton team was funded with £6.5 million. we have no tracks in the UK and the number of participants is less than 100. Backetball and badminton have 100,000’s of players but receive no funding at all as they are are not likely to win an medals. Also Ice hockey is a popular sport in the UK and we dont even send a team to the Winter Olympics. Ridiculous.

What was Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour Party doing receiving £500,000 from Max Mosley, son of Oswald Mosley , wartime leader of the British Fascist Party.Even though Mosley “claimed” not to be a Fascist any more I suspect he is still a rascist. It was tainted money at best and Tom Watson should return it!

POEM attached                    ALWAYS




It hasnt been a good week for news worldwide so most of this is about bad news with touches of humour.

First , has trump actually gone completely ga-ga now. I ironically said they should arm kids but he has gone part the way by suggesting teachers should be armed. So lets work this out MORE guns not less guns would be beneficial.

Here are last years figures of death by guns

USA 10,728







UK 8

You might notice the UK is slightly lower than the US. Is that because they are more guns in the US or less? There are already more guns than people in the US. The only hope that American school kids and parents of kids sustain this latest push to be heard. not to be heard by Trump because he is on the NRA payroll and money is more important than lives especially kids!!!!!! Surely Senators themselves will listen eventually. As one young kid said why do you need an automatic rifle to defend your self and your family. surely a hand gun would be sufficient. That would immediately cut deaths. When will America see sense?

So thats Trump in the dock, next Putin and Assad in Syria. Genocide is being carried out as i write this piece in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. Russia claims they are are trying to flush out the terrorists hiding in hospitals and using civilians as cover. So the terrorists have guns and mortars. So they can inflict some damage to other civilians outside this suburb in Damascus. But the Russians are now bombing hospitals and civilians totally indiscriminately. They are even testing a new stealth fighter with new weapons. It is being tested on civilians.

And what is the UN doing? They are talking about it!!!!!!!! Again lives are cheap. The UN is pathetic.

Meanwhile in England Theresa May is cutting immigration. Numbers of EU immigrants  has more than halved since Brexit was announced. The trouble is that it is the skilled workers who we need for our economy have voted with their feet.  The non EU workers is still increasing and their skills are generally lesser. So we are “cutting our noses to spite our faces”

SOME MUCH NEEDED HUMOUR Cricket is allowed by the Taliban in Afghanistan but applause by the crowd is banned.

Thomas Edison invented the tattoo pen.

The most common occupation of a millionaire is teacher.

in 1989 41,000 Parisians received letters charging them with murder, extortion and prostitution instead of traffic offences. I’m willing to bet they paid their fines off promptly!!

Continuing on the humour theme we in Britain describe heavy rain in different ways. Some of them are:- Lashing it down (Lancs), Bucketing down (Staffs) Chucking it down (Yorks, North east), Pelting down (Scotland), Mizzling (South west, North east), Caning it(London) and Teeming it down (North East)

Finally a goverment £11 billion project to put energy smart meters in every home in the Uk has run into trouble. Once they are installed by 2020 they will save £47 per household on energy costs. A huge saving. The only trouble is they were provided free by one company, but I then changed supplier and they told me because their system was not compatible they couldn’t use them. A case of “the right hand not knowing what the left was doing!

Poem attached       STORIES TO TELL




Read today, Happiness is the ability to laugh at yourself. Completely agree.

South Africa’s president Zuma has finally resigned. He has 800 counts of corruption to face. I suspect he may be guilty then.

What a mess the charity Oxfam is in. The leadership new there was sexual abuse being carried out both at home in England and abroad. The leadership reacted far too late.It was hushed up originally and a lot of donors and the Government have said they will stop donations. And who will suffer for all this. It is the people they were helping all over the world. What a mess.

Our foreign secretary Boris Johnson has made a speech using his hands all the time. Is he trying to outdo Donald T?

Another 17 people shot dead in Florida and many more injured. So what does the gun lobby say this time. The same old crap no doubt. There should be be more guns rather than less presumably. Why not arm schoolkids and teach them to use guns as well? Is nobody ever going to do something about this. Is the constitutional right to carry guns to defend oneself when so m,any people die?

School minister Nick Gibb says he is going to make sure all 9 year olds can do their 12times tables. He was then asked in an interview what 8 x 9 is. He wouldn’t answer. I do hope he knows!

I’ve been thinking for a while about religion. Most of the religions we have on earth have similar philosophies and common Gods. Do Gods of one religion only look after people that believe in their religion? Do they not protect the rest of humanity. Surely loving Gods care about everybody on Earth not just their own worshippers. If there are different Gods why don’t they get together and reach agreements for the good of everybody. They would certainly do a better job than the United Nations. They talk a lot and do nothing. They are still telling Putin not to invade the Crimea and Ukraine. And telling Assad in Syria not to kill his own people. They are useless!

HUMOUR ! in 3 children in the world can now use tablets before they can speak.

Did you know Jimi Hendrix was a paratrooper. Not with a guitar in his hand surely.

Sylvester Stallone was so broke before the script for Rocky was accepted he sold his dog for $25. a few weeks later he bought it back for $15,000!

Having sex uses the the same number of calories as there are in one small meringue. Pass me another one , please.

Today I received my new tax code number for the next financial year. It had a split of what percentage the tax I pay goes where. I thought the figures really surprising. they were:-

Welfare 24%, Health 20% State Pensions 13%, Education 12%, National debt and Defence 5%, Public Order and Safety(presumably police) Business and industry 2.5%, Government Admin 2%, Culture (sport, libraries and museums) 1.5%,  Environment and Housing inc Utilities eg street lights 1.5% Overseas Aid 15 and finally contribution to the EU budget 0.7%.

What surprises me the contribution to Europe is so low (so what is all the fuss about) Culture is also very low, shows how little the Government thinks about it. Caring about the environment is also low.

Just opens your eyes to what our money is spent on!



It has been a week of cold dog walking on beaches and across fields. I walked in heavy snow one morning when temperature was 2 or 3 degrees and the next morning I walked in beautiful sunshine, the snow having disappeared overnight, at 0 degrees. How does that work. It has been a cold dull dank winter without a great deal of sun. Not a particularly bad winter just cold and dark. Cant wait for Spring.

Freemasons are taking out advertising in the UK as they feel they are getting a bad press. They feel they are discriminated against. Well. I have some news for them .It is probably because they discriminate against women, race, faith, age and class. In other words everybody but themselves. They claim they are no longer against women yet the membership is 200,000 men against 4,700 women. The Chief Executive when interviewed said “we are not a secretive society” yet would not show their secret handshake. ” Corruption is not tolerated” , yet their philosophy is that they show favouritism to their own members. There has always been suspicion that to get on in the police force or politics you need to be a member. They are going to need an awful lot of adverts to change peoples opinions I’m afraid.

Norway recycles 97% of its drinks cans and plastic bottles while we do 60%. Norway has vending machines that pay out for returned items. It obviously works. Our government “are looking into it.”

It has taken 36 years to decide Robert Wagner “may ” have had something to do with his wife Natalie Woods murder. Apparently he drank whisky for an hour and a half after she disappeared. So he is most likely to have killed her or at the very least was guilty of not trying to rescue her. A bit late really!


Prostrate cancer has now overtaken breast cancer as a killer. 11,000 deaths last year. If caught in the early stages there is a 98% chance of survival and at late stages 22%. Men apparently are shy to come forward to be tested. Well I have had prostrate. I had cancer and it was found during routine screening. I had no symptoms whatsoever. I had radiotherapy and have now been clear for 6 years. The PSA test is easy but the later physical examination is undignified if it is necessary. Embarrassment is a small price to pay to save your life so for men reading this get tested!

HUMOUR–Termites like the smell of biros and jaguars are attracted by Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men. So you know what not to take to the jungle!

One in nine Honduran men will be murdered. So don’t go there for your holidays!

Misspell is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. Have I spelled it properly?

MacDonalds have intoduced a Grand Big Mac. It has 741 calories and contains 15g of saturated fat and 12g of sugar. So there goes their fight against obesity!

It was 100 years ago this week that women in the UK got the vote . Not all women. You had to be 30 and own property or be married to a house holder. So not many women! The government are CONSIDERING whether to pardon the suffragettes who broke the law.  Of course they should if they hadn’t have done what they did they might be still waiting!!!!!!!!

POEM attached        A BEATING HEART







Yes, Its Friday again.

When I used to work, it seems many moons ago now, I used to like today as it was the start of the weekend, Saturday and Sunday off! But now it is just like any other day. It hasnt got the same appeal somehow. I dont even get lie-ins any more. Thats what happening a dog does. He doesnt know the difference, he just wants his early walk to go and pick up the paper from the news agents.

So whats happened this week in the world!  Firstly, we had the first bitcoin robbery in the UK.Burglars stole a businessman’s bitcoins. Perfect crime really as they aren’t real, existing only in cyberspace. Can you be guilty of stealing something that doesn’t exist. I wonder.

I used to fancy Olivia Newton John, the singer of Grease fame. And Meg Ryan too. But since they both had plastic surgery or botox (or both) they now both look like fish. And who can fancy a fish.

Talking about fish (well not really becos its a mammal)  Apparently they have taught a Orca whale to say Hello and Bye bye. Bet it really wants to say “Fuck off and just leave me alone” I would!

A road safety campaigner in the UK this week mounted the pavement and knocked down the man who was having an affair with his wife. I suspect he might lose his job!

A woman in Brighton this week put a cardboard box in a communal recycling bin. As it was the wrong type of bin and she didn’t have a waste disposal contract she was fined £600. She would have done better by just throwing it over the nearest hedge! She would have been fined less!

The big problem is that stockpiles of rubbish are now building up as China doesn’t want our rubbish anymore.

HUMOUR There is a French law that stops people answering e-mails after 6-00.

The first person to go over the Niagara falls in a barrel and survive was a 63 year-old woman.

Tutankhamun was the only ancient Egyptian who was mummified with an erect penis!

His parents incidentall y were brother and sister.

Well done Roger Federer winning Aussie Open , his 20th Grand Slam. Looks as if he could go on for a while yet.

Phillip Glass an American big game hunter believes killing animals in cold blood is helping consevation. The cash he pays helps protect the African wilds. The going rate is $20k for a leopard and $50k for lion.This man shot a young elephant twice but still didnt kill it. So he lit a cigarette and watched it die! Apparently the Bible permits killing animals. For food I would suspect. Why dont we drop him in the African bush naked but give him a knife to make it fair. Idiot!

Piers Morgan, the arrogant TV presenter interviewed Donald Trump this week. He asked Donald Trump if he was a genius and of course trump agreed. It was the most sycophantic interview. Asking questions that allowed him to spout self evident crap. A proper journalist is supposed to ask searching questions and push the interviewee into real answers. But then Piers morgan thinks he is a genius too.

Oh and by the way Trump apparently cheats at golf. He claims his average score is 68.  A golf pro who has played with him thinks there is people who throw balls on the fairway as all his drives are straight. He claims he is a brilliant putter but never puts out.

Poem attachedAS AN ELEPHANT (previously Body Slows etc and When not if! )




I dont go to the cinema much but I did last week and i saw a brilliant movie, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”  I suppose it could be described as a black comedy, funny but violent! Frances McDormand is incredible in it and if she doesnt win an Oscar there is no justice. I thoroughly recommend it.

Jimmy Armfield, an English footballer who captained England earned £40 a week at his peak. He died last week. Alexis Sanchez, a Chilean footballer, was transferred last week from Arsenal to Manchester United. He will earn £600,000 a week. Even taking inflation into account that is some difference. A sign of the times.

You reptile lovers beware – A man was found in england this week asphyxiated by his 8 foot pet python. Apparently it hugged him to death!

I know there are a lot of despicable acts these days but it would be hard to exceed the action of Islamic State militants in Jalabad, Afghanistan this week. they attacked the base of “Save the Children” They killed aid workers who are non political and non religious and who were only interested in the well being of children. How low can you go?

Cringemaking- Theresa May’s relationship with Donald Trump. He plays her along like a fisherman landing a fish. She is totally out of her depth. Apparently when they speak to each other on the phone she cant get a word in edgeways! What a surprise!

HUMOUR- Usain Bolt ate 1000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics because he didnt like Chinese food. It didnt stop his running He won 2 or 3 Golds I cant remember how many.

More people recognise the McDonald’s symbol than the Christian cross!

Human beings had been keeping sheep for 7,000 years before it occurred to anyone to use their wool!

Apparently one third of takeaway lamb curries contain meat other than lamb!

The World Economic Conference is being held this week in Davos, Switzerland. It is intended to promote globalisation and co-operation. It is attended by politicians, bankers, economists, large company bosses. The normal undesirables you wouldnt want to meet in a dark alley! Even pop stars like Elton John and Bono (of U2) and world wide charities are there.  Sounds like a bundle of fun. It is a sort of club where people promise each other ” if I scratch your back you  scratch mine”. 1000 aircraft are being used to ferry people in and out. 80 % of the worlds wealth is owned by 1 % of the population. Most of that 1 % will be at Davos. I would suspect security will be tight. Trump is giving a speech today presumably telling us how well the US and him in particular are doing!

Finally Ive come across one or two interesting words you might or might not have come across:-

Skedaddle- run off, leave fast.

Squee-gee- T shaped piece of rubber to remove liquid.

Mufti- ordinary clothes worn by a person who nomally wears a uniform.

Guffaw- a loud course burst of laughter.

This week no poem , just tongue in cheek advice about writing              IN SEARCH OF THE BEST SELLING NOVEL




A friend of mine has been telling me recently I’m grumpy. Now to a certain extent I cant disagree. But to put things in perspective it is not easy being grumpy. it doednt come naturally to me. But I would mention two things in particular. I find myself grumbling at injustice, bigotry, the total ineptitude of politicians, greedy business men and international statesmen who talk a lot about conflicts all over the world but don’t DO anything about it, starvation when there is so much food wastage and the stupidity of people generally. There I’ve said it. And you wonder why I’m grumpy!.

The other thing is I put on an air of grumpiness as a form of humour. Ok it may be dark, ironic, sarcastic , sardonic call it what you will but I think it can be funny at times. I also feel me being grumpy helps balance the world up against all the happy , content cheery people.

I know my friend probably doesnt believe me when I  say I’m really a positive person so just humour me at times, please.

So the most popular car colour in the UK is black, with grey 2nd and white 3rd. Pretty ironic really as all cars manufactured in bulk were black and then there wasn’t a choice.

I had a laugh this week when a lady who lived on her own was taken into hospital. She lived in a small semi detached house in Brighton. When animal inspectors broke in they found 359 budgies flying around. It took them 3days to catch them all. They are looking for good homes for them!

Victoria Beckham, fashion designer and ex Spice Girls pop group (also wife of David Beckham, the ex-footballer) insists on using stick insect-thin models for her clothes. Why dont normal sized women boycott her clothes. Are they just so fabulous?

HUMOUR St. Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman!

Mouse sperm is bigger than elephant sperm. Presumably there is more elephant sperm!

The Bloody Mary has been scientifically proved to be the best alcoholic drink on a plane.

To sleep for one night in every bed in Las Vegas would take 288 years!

In a survey of 10,000 dog owners in the uk the nation’s most popular breed is a labrador. Thats funny,  my dog Bruce is a yellow labrador!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Black Death which killed millions of people in Europe in the 14th century was always blamed on rats. Scientists now believe it was actually passed on by humans themselves as the ordinary man was covered by fleas and body lice as they very rarely bathed.

Edwin Vines, a stalker who has targeted Emily Maitlis a  tv news presenter for 20 years since they were at Cambridge together has been sent to prison for the 3rd time. He even managed to send her letters from his prison cell. He said “I am very sorry about it. I had no idea how she was feeling. Two of us are unhappy in this situation” No, one is unhappy and one is clearly unhinged. Its now 20 years , he doesnt understand yet and the law seems unable to deal with the problem. The law is an ass!!!

Poem attached        RAINBOW




Have you ever felt small. I have. I also don’t understand the word infinite. It means “no end” So when something is described as infinite it is endless, it goes on for ever. I am now going to make you feel small!

The Hubble telescope was aimed at an area of sky about one tenth the size of a full moon for 4 months. It identified 10,000 galaxies up to 13 billion light years away. it is estimated each of these galaxies contains at least eight times the stars in our own Milky Way. Each galaxy could have up to a trillion stars in it. They have found our own universe is ONLY 800 million years old! (The Big Bang Theory) Are you sure you don’t feel small yet?

Trump is not coming to London to open the new American Embassy costing £750 million. Hurrah!

Our own “News at Ten” programme was halted due to a fire alarm when watched by 2 million people. A cardboard notice was put up stating “We’re sorry for the disruption” 800,000 people continued to watch the programme!!!!!!!

How could a chief Executive earn a bonus of £131 million . Jeff Fairbairn of Perssimon Homes achieved this mainly because of the Government policy of “Help to Buy” He should be giving the bulk of his windfall to charity.

Humour—– In the first race between driverless cars one crashed and the other ran over a dog. They were going up to 111mph at the time. Could you imagine a driverless car heading towards you at any speed. Seems unnatural to me,

A new washing machine in India has a button for curry stains. Panasonic has invented a machine which folds laundry.

Zyzzyva. This word has been added by the Oxford English Dictionary . It is the name of a type of tropical weevil found in South America. What a fantastic word for Scrabble!

Police in this country are stretched to the limit. So it seems a bit strange that police have declared they are looking for a motorist who splashed a woman and two chilldren by driving though a puddle of water. They are looking for witnesses. No one was hurt just wet. I would have thought they had better things to do!

Theresa May has issued very ambitious plans to sort the problem of plastic waste by the year 2042. Does she think she will still be the Prime Minister then? How are we going to make her accountable.  I would suspect we will all be buried in plastic by then.

Finally a journalist this week said “we still need hard men and women to defend the country” He apparently means people who don’t show any emotions in the armed forces. Well if wants people like that or perhaps we should call them machines, I don’t. I want real people who show emotions at times( obviously appropriate times) In other words human beings who are affected by other peoples suffering.

Poem attached NO COMPARISON