I read an article recently and it had never occurred to me that Jesus Christ is always depicted as having blonde hair and fair skin. The truth is (I assume) he was Jewish, dark skinned and had black hair. He would certainly have been of a Middle-Eastern appearance.  Now I will confess I am an Agnostic.( that is I don’t know if a God exists or not) I was brought up by my parents to believe in God and they were brought up as Presbyterian (A mainly protestant faith worshipped in Scotland0. I went to Sunday School until I drifted away from religion as an adult. It was hypocritical but I got married in Church and both my children were baptised. I became an Atheist ( I didn’t believe in God) but in 1999 when my son died at 18 in an accident I hoped that I might find contact with him in Heaven or some sort of afterlife. And after I died there might be some kind of reunion. I would suspect a lot of people would want this to happen. However I have never felt any sort of contact or even a suspicion of contact. I lot of people have put coincidences down to fact. Even I though would love to pretend I have had any contact whatsoever I haven’t. But in the hope I will see him again I have to cling onto the hope there is a afterlife. So I therefore call myself an Agnostic at present.

That is my take on religion. I know there are billions of people in this world who base there daily lives on various religions. They believe in some form of God. I have no problem with that but I don’t understand why people kill each other for the sake of different religions. All Gods (or possibly different forms of the same God) surely should be good. Forgive people their sins , help and be kind to their fellow citizens. To me there should be a common bond in Gods where they are good. In a lot of ways it is the Devil or Satan who should be the force for evil.  But in the world today there are more wars and conflicts because of religion than ever. People kill others because they worship the wrong God. Or are they worshiping the Devil, who knows.

When children go back to school full time in September the majority will have lost a full 6 months education. Some will never catch up again. But the worry for me is the impact of the mental health of both children and their parents. There is likely to be severe unemployment  and for those parents on already reduced circumstances it will be a struggle. I don’t think the government realise how long it will take for things to improve again. For some possibly never.


In Newcastle upon Tyne , gay means “owning a coat”.

An empty aluminium cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes an inexpensive vibrator.

I have often wanted to drown my troubles but I can’t get my wife to go swimming!

My dad always used to say “always fight fire with fire” That’s probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.

My son has taken up meditation. At least it’s better than sitting around doing nothing.

One in ten Europeans is now conceived in a IKEA bed.


HIGGLEDY- PIGGLEDY– In disorder, confusion.

HIGH HAT–Snobbish, to snub.

HIPPOCAMPUS–Sea monster , horse head with a dolphin tail.

LINGUA FRANCA– A hybrid language used in Mediterranean ports.

BOBBY DAZZLER– Anything that is outstanding

BLUESTOCKING–A learned bookish woman.


STOTTIE– A type of flat round loaf

PAN HAGGERTY– Type of stew made from potatoes, onions and cheddar cheese, sometimes with cabbage.

SINGING HINNIES– Type of scone, which makes a hissing sound on a griddle.

PEASE PUDDING– Yellow split peas, a savoury vegetable dish.





Well it has been hot, mid twenties for a week or so (This is hot for us on the North east coast) And certainly too hot for my dog Bruce who is 42kg of muscle. But fortunately for him and our other dog Daisy we go on the beach most days and they can cool off to their hearts content. It is cold for us humans but ideal for dogs. Bruce is a labrador and they are fantastic swimmers. In fact if you know anything about the labrador breed they originally were used by fishermen in Newfoundland , Canada. The fishermen would throw the dogs into the water to retrieve any items that were washed overboard. They could stay in the water for hours, even in the winter. They are hugely efficient dogs and they have two layers of fur. The outer one is oily so it is waterproof and the inner is to keep them warm. When the fishing boats come back to harbour the dogs are left to their own devices. They have to scavenge for any food available. That is why labradors are the dust bins of the dog world. They will eat anything as they don’t know when they will get their next meal.  Our dogs get too hot and will sleep in the shade out of the sun.

On the subject of dogs I have just renewed my pet insurance which is now £700. Bruce being a labrador is a pure breed but my daughter’s dog is a labradoodle. This is a cross between a labrador and a poodle. In other words a cross-breed or mongrel. Labradoodles are expensive to buy but because they haven’t got a pedigree they are much healthier and so their insurance is considerable cheaper. My labrador has arthritic problems in his back legs which is common to the breed and his insurance is expensive.

I read today the Rosetta stone (originally from Egypt)  is going into the British museums lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender themed tour. The man who deciphered the stone happens to be gay.. He was just a man who happens to be gay. No big deal!

HMS Dauntless, a destroyer has been in port since 2016 because of engine problems and lack of sailors. She has spent 6 days at sea in 4 years. The Navy knew in 2016 there were problems because they weren’t designed to operate in hot temperatures such as the Persian Gulf. So we have ships that will only work in cold weather zones. By the way this ship cost £1billion!!!!!!

This government has been in power for 6 months. And I know we have never ever coped with a pandemic like this in my lifetime. But the way it has been handled is a joke. Sorry it isn’t a joke because nearly 50,000 people have died. I’m not going to go over the same scenario but we were prepared for a flu epidemic but it was the coronavirus instead. We were not prepared for anything like the amount of safety equipment required. And the testing systems were too little too late, and still are. As for care homes old people died before the government even knew there was any problems. But was it the governments fault or was the scientists? There will undoubtedly be a huge inquest but by then it will be too late as too, too many people will have died. And with 4 and a half years of the government to go we still haven’t sorted out Brexit and the economy up the creek. Things look bleak!

HUMOUR at last.

Better to have loved a small man than never have loved a tall!

There’s a fine line between true love and a conviction for stalking.

It takes a lot of experience for a girl to kiss like a beginner.

In Hollywood marriage is a success it it out lasts milk!

A true friend is the one that stabs you in the front

I worship the ground he’s buried in!


GUNNY– Course fabric used for sacks.

GUTSY– Greedy.

GYP– Severe pain

HALFSEASOVER– Partly drunk.

HALLOO–Call out to attract attention.

HARRUMPH– To clear one’s throat in a pompous way.

HARUMSCARUM–Acting in a reckless way.


HAAR – A fog on the North sea coast.

YAMMER– Gossip or complain.

TACKLE– To confront, accost.


SCABBY– Shabby

HIPPIN– Nappy.






It was birthday this week and I was 75. I know that is old. And when I was in my 20’s and 30’s  I thought it was very old. As we go through life we feel differently. At school, time seemed to fly over and all we wanted to do was grow up and do exciting things which adults didn’t allow us to do. I actually liked school , and I was reasonably clever so enjoyed learning. I also always loved sport. Football, cricket, swimming, athletics. I would try anything. So I suppose I just enjoyed growing up even though my mother and father did not have a lot of money we had enough. In the days after the 2nd World War the country was recovering. We moved to a new council house ( Now called social housing) on a large estate. when I was 11. We didn’t have a car, television or telephone. Only the richer people could afford these things. We did buy a television when I was 13 and this had one channel,  BBC 1 and it was black and white. We later bought a car and telephone. I forgot to mention in my first house we only had a cold water tap in a back yard with the toilet outside.  NO bathroom, NO hot water NO central heating just one coal fire. In fact we had NO electricity. Only gas lighting and a gas oven to cook with. Can you imagine that’s how we lived when I was young! And we didn’t think we were poor!.

At school we didn’t have calculators , we used slide rules and a system using log. (logarithm) tables for our mathematics. No computors! Every library had encylopedias , volumes of them, to look up facts and figures. Can you imagine no i-phones, no google, in fact I only had a mobile phone 20 years ago . When we got our first television we had one channel, we now have hundreds! Things  today are vastly difference. To go back to when I first flew in a plane I was 19. My local airport, Newcastle consisted of two small corrugated huts. It is now a international airport flying all over the world.

When I talk about the past my friends and I grew up in the same way. I don’t feel we missed out of anything. Things are just different , I don’t feel envious in any way. Things have changed for the better, or material things have. I don’t know if people actually behave better to each other. In fact they don’t. Civil rights, womens rights, wars, oppression prove they don’t. And in the Western world the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. But that won’t change any time soon.

Let’s have some HUMOUR

IF theer is anything hypocrites hate, it’s hypocrisy! So, so true.

I’m afraid of sharks, but only if I’m in water.

Fox hunting would be a great sport , if only the fox had a gun.

I’m not a snob. Ask anyone, well anybody who matters.

Rich kids and poor kids alike. They both go around huge estates with guns , out of their mind on drugs. So true.


BAMBOOZLE–Trick or hoodwink.

Fiddlesticks– Nonsense

Fiddle faddle– To fuss or waste time.


Garb– Manner of dress.

Gaudy– Annual dinner or reunion.


Pleat– Pluck


Put–Throb, palpitate.

Prog– Prick

Pittle– Urinate

Loppy–Flea infected.

POEM attached                                          HAIKUS








Don’t know if I have ever told that I support Newcastle United football team. I have done so for 59 years in fact since 1961. We have a great bunch of supporters and at every home game we have a crowd at least 50,000. At this point in time the club is being taken over by a Saudi Arabian consortium. This has been a long and protracted process. The problem is television companies in the UK do not have a contract to supply English Premier League games in Saudi Arabia. The games are televised through black market operators. So it it is quite likely the take over will fail due to political interventions. Now Saudi Arabia is an oppressed regime and women have very little freedom of movement. . The human rights in Saudi Arabia are a disgrace but because it is a state rich in oil they really do what they like. For many years the British government have supplied armaments and technology to them worth billions of pounds for many years despite their human rights record. In other words the government turns a blind eye as it supports the employment of a lot of people in the aerospace and armament industries. This of course is hypocritical. So should I be pleased that my football team might be taken over by this despotic regime? I have a season ticket for every home game but I do feel uncomfortable about the situation! Although the present owner Mike Ashley has always treated the supporters badly (even now we are paying monthly and season ticket holders paying in advance for no live football ) Newcastle are the only Premier league club that haven’t given any credit notes to their supporters even now. Sorry rant over

The demonstrations in the US and all over world including all of us in the UK, continue and will do so for the foreseeable future. There is no doubt that the black and ethnic minorities have had a raw deal in the US in the past and it has been made accentuated by police violence. I have said in the past the amount of firearms that are available to any citizens make matters so much worse.

I do not suggest the UK is blame free in the process of equal rites. We also have a lot to be guilty about regarding equal rights but I do think we have made some (not enough) progress.

The only point I will make is that George Floyd is not the right person to have been a martyr. He had been to prison 5 times and held up a pregnant woman at gun point. Nobody at any time deserved a death like his no matter what he had done. But George Floyd was a bad man in any society. The cause of “Black Lives Matter” is just and I hope momentum is kept but George Floyd is not a hero, he happened to be the wrong person in the wrong place.And Trump’s statement that George Floyd would pleased that the unemployment figures had improved and that it was a great day for America were contemptible.

HUMOUR at last

The hardest part of climbing Mount Everest was pissing thro’ 6 inches of clothing with a 3 inch penis!

You can’t smell moth balls because it’s hard to get their legs apart.

A racehorse is the only animal that can take thousands of a people for a ride at the same time

I have a great dog, he is half labrador , half pitbull. Ok, he might bite off your leg but he will always bring it back to you.

I have a suspicion that the pictures on seed packets are posed by professional flowers,


MANGLE- WURZEL– A beet or turnip.

TWANG– Speak with a dialect.


TATTY– Shabby.

TAWDRY– Cheap or showy.

DITTY BAG– A small bag used by sailors for sewing or toiletries,



MARRA– Friend

PENKA– A type of metal ball in a game of marbles.

TARRY TOOT– A type of lino, bitumen impregnated linen made by a Northumberland company.

TATTY– Potato.

SNECK-Part of a door lock.

POEM attached——–Vintage Model



Well it’s been another week of corona virus deaths but I suppose at least they are gradually reducing. well they are in the Uk but the worst off countries are now Brazil, Peru and Russia. Once tthe virus runs its course there are going to be inquests in each country as to which handled the pandemic and why. I would suspect our government will come out of it very badly. But knowing what politicians are like generally there will be lots of excuses and passing the buck to lowly civil servants.

When will Trump do the right thing and unite his country rather than divide it. His first reaction was to blame state governors and threaten to bring in the military.  The murder (which it undoubtly was) of George Floyd was yet another black man killes by police. Has there been huge improvements since Martin Luther King’s death 52 years ago? I would suspect not a lot. Possibly when Barack Obama was president but the situation under Trump has deteriated. I know it easy to claim racial harmony in the Uk is marginally better but it it is still not good . However at least most police are unarmed still and the average person doesn’t have easy access to firearms. The opposite is the case in the US. Surely there would be less deaths for both black and other citizens if there was some kind of gun control. Lets hope Trump doesn’t win the race for the presidency this time.

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know I have a 10 year old yellow labrador called Bruce. A lot of labradors suffer arthritis in their back legs and Bruce had a operation 2 years ago and has a plate in a back leg. The operation cost nearly £4000 , which I claimed off insurance . But my vet suggested he should have the same operation on the other leg, again costing £4000. But it was considered a related injury so the insurance company won’t pay. Bruce now take pain killers daily, anti-inflammatories and  natural vitamens everyday. However he then took a course of hydrotherapy and he is like a new dog. I intend having further classes on a regular basis and hopefully the new operation mightn’t be necessary. We love our dogs but they can be very expensive!

A recent study has shown that cholesterol levels have fallen dramatically in the UK.

In a way that is good. And experts say less saturated fat in our diet and treatment of high blood pressure is good. But all that is happening is that more people are taking statins to reduce high blood pressure. Surely the answer is that people should eat less, have a heathier diet and exercise more!. Taking statins is just a lazy way out!


MANGLE- An oldfashioned machine that pressed water out of clothing using wooden rollers.

GOBBLEDYGOOK– Pompous or wordy talk.

GOODY GOODY– Moral or pious person


HORNSWOGGLE– Swindle or trick.

HOOEY– Nonsense.

HOOHA– Noisy fuss or commotion


If you fire lasers at the brain of a fly you can make it have sex with a ball of wax, but why would anyone want to do that?

Snails can sleep for 3 years. I wish that those in my garden would!.

A baby porcupine is called a porcupette. Of, course!

Elizabeth I always slept with a woman in her bed, did she never have a threesome?

Also Elizabeth invented a gingerbread men (or women)

Hugh Hefner had someone present to sort his crisps so he didn’t have to eat broken ones!


HACKY– Dirty


KITE– Stomach or belly

GULLY–A type of knife

HOWDY– Midwife

LIGGY– Type of marble in a game.

Back to a POEM this week                        IN PURSUIT OF GIANTS




Bad news first but fleetingly only I promise.

The corona virus has resulted in  the UK having the 2nd more deaths in the world but there were still more than 300 yesterday. Lock down is now easing but that is because Boris Johnson is making political decisions rather than scientific reasons. He is so concerned about getting the economy moving the number of deaths diminishing is now deemed acceptable. Unfortunately deaths are being counted in numbers rather individuals , somebodies mother, father, sister etc. Just making a point.

I am now in my seventies and having a bit more time to think during lock down I have been reading my short stories and poems. In fact re-reading them! I must write down in words incidents and memories of what I would consider a reasonably interesting and eventful life. I have traveled a lot in the UK and abroad both for my career and personally. In the UK alone I estimate I have driven more than 1.3 million miles. In a way this leads to my first trip abroad. I was 19 , in 1964, and lived in a small industrial town called Blyth. Most people worked down the mines or ship yards. They have all long since gone. Blyth is located on the Northumbrian coast in North-East England. Very industrrial but has as a contrast beautiful beaches! I hadn’t long left school and my friend and I decided on our first holiday abroad. When you realise we flew from Newcastle airport, which then consisted of two green corrugated iron “Nissan” huts and is now a substantial international things have changed somewhat!. We flew in a dull evening in September and rising above the clouds was this stunningly beautiful sunny white desert . I was captivated and i still am after flying hundreds of time since. More was to come that evening, we flew down to Heath Row and as the sun had set by then flew over  central  London with its bright city lights. A  magic scene! Much more was to come.  We departed later that evening and flew over central Paris seeing the unforgettable vista .   The seven days in Paris was a whirlwind. We visited the normal sightseeing places, Versailles and Malmaison, obviously the Louvre, strolled down the Champs-Elysees  climbed the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.  But also remember we were 19 so the real eye openers were in Montmartre where we stayed, the Follies Bergere, the Moulin Rouge and the Lido. We had never seen topless women before. Paris was my first ever trip abroad and it is still my favourite city. I have been many times since but there is an ambience, an atmosphere a romance about the city and the people. I have travelled all over the world and been to many wonderful places but I’m always drawn back to Paris. I suppose that first memory is special and it certainly was for a boy from Blyth!

HUMOUR-Prisoners from Alcatraz prison always had showers so they did not get acclimatised to cold water and try to escape by swimming!

In 2002 the US military developed a sandwich which stays fresh for 3 years. Who tried it out after the 3 years I wonder?

Japan has as many bank holidays as the UK, including “Greenary Day” and “Respect for the Aged” Wonder if Boris Johnson knows this?

Grapples are apples that taste like grapes.

Ancient Romans ate puppies.


Pettish– Cross or petulant.

Midden– Rubbish dump.

Middy– 1/2 pint of beer.

Miff– Sulk, go in the huff.

Mike– Skulk, or avoid hard work.

Faff– To dither, be flustered.



Fret– sea mist.

Gandie– A look.

Ganzie– Jumper.

Hefty– Large

Hoppings– a fair.

Just a footnote. fotr several weeks now I have vehemently criticised the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock for his performance during the corona virus. I am a supporter of, in fact a season ticket holder of Newcastle Utd football team. I have just discovered he is an ardent fan , does that mean I have to like him?

SHORT STORY. rather a poem this week.




I’ve had enough of this coronavirus, all these infections and deaths. I’m just fed up of talking about it. There’s not a lot I can do , continue life and stay safe, encourage my friends and family to be sensible and carry on until the immediate future. There is no question at my age life will be different but there will be a new normality which we will have to cope with.

So about four years ago I started to write a blog as you can tell from the heading it was Beach Thoughts- An  old dog and his bloke. Well my dog was younger then not old and I was the bloke who was old and still is just even older. I hope you understand that, it was all just a play on words. Anyway I walked on the beach where I live and every day was different. The beach changes , the tides ebb and flow , the sand moves, tides bring in all sorts of debris. I have never failed to be fascinated by the power of the waves and why the sea has never been used as an energy source to any great extent baffles me. The prevailing  weather at the coast is amazing , it can be windy in one direction then it changes direction and brings in clouds and rain. Or there are days where I can’t see the local lighthouse for fog then the sun breaks through and it is a glorious morning. Or in the winter when it starts to snow on a beach there is no where to go. But when your dog wants to go swimming  no matter the weather winter or summer it would be unthinkable to deprive him of the privilege. The clothing you wear is hugely important and once you brave the elements there is a certain type of masochism involved. All in all no matter what the weather is like I just love being in the open on the this everchanging  vista of beach. And while I walk I think. It allows me to open my mind to the freedom of my thoughts. I  try to remove my mind of everyday worries and gives me the clarity of more creative thoughts. Inspiration I suppose for poems, stories locked away in everyday life. Too profound it might be but it does work for me. Ok I’m lucky to have the environment and I would certainly accept that having a dog who has an insatiable appetite for walking helps. Oh, and because I am retired. That certainly helps.

HUMOUR– Did you know that Woody from Toy story’s last name was Pride?

Until January 2013 it was illegal for women in Paris to wear trousers!

People will gamble more if they are holding a crocodile. Holding a crocodile would be a gamble enough for me!

The original Popeye got his strength from rubbing a chicken. Spinach growers must have been delighted.

Crisp packets contain nitrogen!

Orthodox Jews can buy kosher sexual lubricants!


Hurry scurry– Turmoil, uproar

Foretoken-Prophetic sign, omen

Foozle–To make (or do) something awkwardly,

Fogbow– A phenomenon like a white or tinted rainbow.

Offing– A distant part of the sea from the shore.

Oozle–To steal.


Champion–Good or brilliant.

Chare– Lane

Cuddy– A horse

Dowie– depressed

Dunch– To bump or crash.

Femmer– weak                                                                                                                                        POEM ATTACHED                                                 HOMECOMING




It is really difficult to get away from the subject of the coronavirus. Quite rightly as a lot of people in the world are dying from it.  Countries have reacted very differently to coping with it. Some have handled the situation well but others not so well.

USA- Trump initially didn’t really take the virus seriously at first , said it was “just”  another type of flu. The country reacted much too slowly to lock down in the major cities especially New York. Now Trump is pushing to reactivate the economy quicker than most states want. The infection rates are still way too high.

BRAZIL- The President, Bolsonaro is , quite frankly, hoping the virus will just go away and keep his economy going despite a lot of deaths.

RUSSIA- Is now a worry. Their infections and deaths are rising quite rapidly now and I hope their lock-down is proving effective. They sat on the fence too long and now are paying the price. They already have a shortage of Safety Equipment  (SSE)

ITALY, FRANCE and SPAIN. Initially had a lot of deaths and infections and  very strict lockdowns are  to easing off very slowly and carefully.

GERMANY.- Have  had a lot less deaths than other European countries. They have tested more of the population than any other of the large European nations. They are now slowly opening some of their lockdown situations and industry is being to start up.

Most of the other European nations are now easing lockdowns.

CHINA- Whether we believe the virus was started in a Wuhan laboratory or in a livestock market we don’t know (or ever know). But infections and deaths are much lower than other countries (if they are to believed) Chinese industry is now starting up and the whole world needs their economy to recover quickly.

Other Asian countries have controlled the virus  well. Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Singapore have used testing to good effect.

My great worry is for some of the other populous Asian nations where workers in factories need to work to live. If they don’t work they starve. Countries like Bangladesh, india, Pakistan and Indonesia.

AFRICA seems to been little effected so far. But it is early days there.

And what about the UK. Well we were too slow and unprepared for the virus. Austerity over the past 10 years has caused this problem. We were too worried about Brexit to do anything else. Uk deaths are the worst in Europe and while diminishing are still far too high. Due to the lack of social care in the community deaths in care homes have been unnecessarily high.

Our PM Boris Johnson has now alienated the other home nations. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now doing their own thing. Johnson’s quandary is that infections and deaths are still too high but he is trying to reopen schools and industry. Who knows what will happen in the next few months!


On a brighter note we might even see some sports events soon although they are likely to be behind close doors. How crowds will be admitted later no one knows.

The same goes for theatres, cinemas, pop concerts , in fact anywhere there are crowds. We will just have to wait for guidance in the future. It is possible that in the summer some pubs, cafes and restaurants could operate out doors.

Like most people we wonder if we will be able to travel abroad again in the near future. The government is now considering a 14 day quarantine for all travellers even when they return from holiday. So the likely hood is that most people will try to get accommodation at home but there will be a huge demand this summer. And we don’t know when hotels will reopen. These are strange times. But where I live the weather has been good recently and we can still walk our dogs on the beach , stroll through the woods. Life isn’t so bad. For some of us anyway.

HUMOUR–Bananas are used to make kimonos. Presumably you can eat them first!

The New Zealand badminton team was nicknamed the “Black Cocks” but had to drop it after complaints.

The US doubled in size in 1983 when President Reagan expanded it’s coastal waters from 3 to 200 miles!

Human rights were invented in Iran.A while ago!

Rice Krispies in Germany go “Knisper, Knasper, Knusper” Of course they do!


Woozy– unsteady with drink, dizzy.

Hugger mugger–confusion, muddle, jumble.

Hullaboo– clamour, hubbub.

Humbug–sham, empty talk.

Hurdy gurdy– old musical instrument.

Hurly burly– turmoil. uproar.


Sneck– part of a door lock.

Tappy lappy– stroll or walk.


Gammy– Injured part of the body.

Clout– hit someone violently.

Claggy– sticky

POEM Attached                                                     STORMY WEATHER













Today in the UK is the 75th Anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe) . It is a celebration in a way for liberation but on the other hand 21 million Europeans were killed . Many more were injured. That was only the military losses plus all many million civilians. I totally understand the relief and the sacrifice of people when victory was announced. But it cant be a total celebration. Wars kill ordinary people due to politicians and religious fanatics. Even today where the coronavirus dominates world news  wars continue. People are still dying but it is not news worthy. When will we ever learn!

The UK are now leading the number of deaths in Europe. And they are still growing. I will not elaborate the point but our Government have not at any stage got to grip with this virus. Everything has been too little , too late. Testing, we still have not consistently met the so call 100,000 target at the end of April and Boris the clown is now going for 200,000! As I have said before promises, promises never facts only wish lists. Testing has been too slow as has the supply of Safety equipment and leadership skills and organisational abilities are non existent. This government has blamed austerity on everything over the last few years. The local authorities were starved of cash for social care in the community and that is the main reason the death toll in care homes is so high.. I also think after this is all over the state of mental health in this country will have to be reassessed drastically.

Just finally on this subject has no one thought it might have been useful to create a coalition or interim National government to sort out this current crisis?

An old soldier Captain Tom Morgan who has justed turned 100 raised £39 million for NHS charities. The internet company Just Giving charge 5% to administer for this charity. So they made £308,000 profit out of raising funds. What a pathetic performance, they must have no shame!

Last week I spoke about some local facts to the area I live.

Firstly the ship the HMS Resolute was built at Smiths Dock in 1850 at North Shields where I live.It was a sailing ship and was sent on an expedition to the Arctic in 1854. It was trapped in the pack ice and abandoned.  It was rescued by a US whaler and renovated  back in a port in the US. She was given as a present from the US to Queen Victoria. The ship was subsequently broken up and her timbers were made into furniture. In 1880 Queen Victoria gave President Hayes a desk for the White House in Washington. That desk known as the Resolute desk is still used by the current President, Trump! Wow

A William Smith was born in Seaton Sluice, a small village 4 miles away from my home, in 1790. He became a ships master and had a small sailing ship built. It was called the “The Williams” In 1819 he subsequently sailed from Buenos Aires in Argentina on his way to Valparaiso in Chile and inadvertently sailed to undiscovered land.He had landed on the South Shetland peninsular. He was the first man to discover the continent of the Antarctic.


American tank crews have a superstition that will not allow them to eat apricots, allow them on board or even say the word apricot.

Traffic lights were introduced 18 years before cars were invented.

The average pigeon in London has 1.6 feet.

The least common PIN number is 8068. Well it was until I told you.

Madonna was sacked from her job at Dunkin Doughnuts for squirting jam at customers. She always was a fun girl.

Clams can live for 400 years. Not on my beach  they don’t!


Mizzle– To run away.

Palaver–A fuss, bother.

Pallmall– An old game using a mallet to hit a  wooden ball through a metal hoop.

Panjandrum–A pompous official

Wonky– Shaky or unsteady.


Howk– Pull violently.

Breeks– trousers

Wisht– be quiet!

tatty– unkempt, untidy

Stot– bounce


POEM attached                               .A place in the heart